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                             February 1, 1999                                                  Vol. 2, No. 2


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REAL-TIME CHAT: In the near future, we will be adding chats on the full range of eldercare topics, including tax issues, Alzheimer’s Disease, nursing home care and others. Please e-mail us at roboyoboy@worldnet.att.net and let us know what topics you want to have regularly discussed, or if you know of guest speakers or hot topics.

CHAT SCHEDULE: As of February 1, we have scheduled 3 chats. Stay tuned for guest chats and new hosts. An updated schedule will be mailed in mid-February.

Sunday, February 7 9PM EST – Rich O’Boyle and ElderCare Open Floor

Sunday, February 21 9PM EST – Rich O’Boyle and ElderCare Open Floor

Sunday, February 28 9PM EST – Rich O’Boyle and ElderCare Open Floor

WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!: Caregiver contest winner for December Joyce Ashcraft of Cedar Rapids, Iowa chose "The Complete ElderCare Planner." If you haven’t officially subscribed to this newsletter yet, please go to the ElderCare Online homepage, click on "Subscribe to ElderCare Currents" and enter your e-mail address at the bottom of the page.

PROFLOWERS: Welcome ProFlowers.com to ElderCare Online. ProFlowers provides you with a fast, easy, and reliable way to buy the freshest quality cut flowers at a competitive price. Even with the shipping cost, most assortments are 30-40% below comparable retail price. We think flowers are a loving gift for your elder. They will appreciate flowers whether they live at home or in a care facility.

TAX GUIDE OFFER: ElderCare Online is offering a special promotion for the month of January. If you purchase any book or flowers through ElderCare Online (Amazon.com or ProFlowers.com) we will send you a copy of one of Ernst & Young’s 1999 Tax Guides. We have a limited number, so the first four submissions get the books! Just send us your confirmation receipt and mailing address (and delete your credit card information).

LEARNING RESOURCE GUIDE: "Talking With Your Doctor" is the latest addition to the Learning Resource Guide Library. Use this helpful booklet to make the most of the time that you have with your physician. Other Learning Resource Guides include: "Coping With Alzheimer’s Disease," "Choosing a Nursing Home" and "Glossary of ElderCare Terminology."

MEDICAL PLANNER ASSISTANT: Our newest software assistant is designed to help you track your medical appointments and make the most of your time with the health care provider. Use the checklists to prepare for the appointment with questions and information and the diary pages to make notes on the doctor’s instructions. This assistant will help you remember complex instructions and improve your elder’s quality of life.

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