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                     December 15, 1998                                                             Vol. 1, No. 4


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HOLIDAY WISHES: ElderCare Online wishes each of you a healthy and peaceful holiday season and New Year. The website includes some articles to help your family during this time. In addition to "Tips for Stress Management," we recommend taking the time to read the "Oral History Questionnaire" and "Tips for Communicating with Impaired Elderly." Each of these articles can be a great way to help young family members relate to their disabled elders.

CAN WE TALK?: ElderCare Givers Chat is online. Drop by on Sunday, December 20 at 10PM EST. Casey (that’s me!) will host the first discussion. E-mail your suggested topics, times or dates to roboyoboy@worldnet.att.net. In the future, we will host guest speakers, authors and experienced caregivers. The threaded Discussion Forum won’t go away – Now we have a couple of different ways to communicate.

WHAT THEY THINK ABOUT ELDERCARE ONLINE: Since we launched the website in October, we have had very positive responses from people around the world. Here are a few:

"Please, everyone, read this site. It will help in preparing you for questions to ask your neurologist when you go to see him/her"

"I think highly of your website. I am on the road nationwide with family eldercare workshops and I often send family members to your website. Keep up the great work." Joy Loverde, author of "The Complete Eldercare Planner."

"Your site is very informative and I'm glad there is help out there for a difficult situation." D.P.

"Many thanks for the reply. This is first delve into the Newsgroup thing and to be honest I did not have much faith in it. Again, many thanks for taking the time and effort to give me a hand." G.F.

"What you are doing, to help those who grieve, is a precious service." P.C.

"Thank you so much for you responses. Your insights and dead-on comments already
have been a big help." C.M.

WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!: Caregiver contest winner for November: C.H. of Longview, Texas chose "Caring for Your Aging Parents." If you haven’t officially subscribed to this newsletter yet, please go to the ElderCare Online homepage and enter your e-mail address. We’ll give away two more books in December and January.

NEIGHBORHOOD NETWORKS: Whether you’re looking for a local Meals on Wheels service or want to report insurance complaints, we now have direct links to the resources. We’ve added five new Neighborhoods – New York, California, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Nebraska. You’ll find links to federal and state government sites, county agencies of aging, local agencies and services and Alzheimer’s organizations. Coming soon: All 50 US States, Australia, UK and Canada.

SKILL BUILDERS: Our newest caregiver help files include practical Tips and Techniques for handling activities of daily living, such as Bathing and Grooming; Dressing; Eating and Nutrition; Toileting and Incontinence; and Sleep Disorders and Sexual Behaviors. All Skill Builders are free and easily printed out from your computer. Coming soon: Video Skill Builders.

LEARNING RESOURCE GUIDE: Our newest Learning Resource Guide is "Coping With Alzheimer’s Disease." This 23-page guide offers tips and techniques for understanding and coping with problem behaviors, a discussion of the medical aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease and activities you can do with your elder. Other Learning Resource Guides include "Choosing a Nursing Home, "Glossary of ElderCare Terminology" and "Preventing Frauds and Scams."

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