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January 1, 1999 Vol. 2, No. 1


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REAL-TIME CHAT: We added the ElderCare Chatroom on the site in mid-December and have been rolling along ever since. Every Sunday, Casey hosts the "ElderCare Open Floor" where visitors can ask questions, provide support and communicate with other caregivers. In the near future, we will be adding chats on the full range of eldercare topics, including tax issues, Alzheimer’s Disease, nursing home care and others. Please e-mail us at roboyoboy@worldnet.att.net and let us know what topics you want to have regularly discussed, or if you know of guest speakers or hot topics.

CHAT SCHEDULE: Visit the ElderCare Channel for a complete list of chats as they are scheduled and updated. As of January 1, we have scheduled 4 chats:

Sunday, January 3 9PM EST – Casey and ElderCare Open Floor

Sunday, January 10 9PM EST – Casey and ElderCare Open Floor

Sunday, January 17 9PM EST – Casey and ElderCare Open Floor

Sunday, January 24 9PM EST – Casey and ElderCare Open Floor

ELDERCARE CHANNEL/HOT TOPICS: As ElderCare Online expands, we’ve added a full-feature webstation for eldercare information, resources and discussion. Beginning in February, we will present detailed programs on Hot Topics – challenges that caregivers routinely face – Rural Caregiving, Nursing Home Quality fof Life, Moving In/Moving Out. Each topic will feature special chats with guest hosts, resources and informative articles and publications. We are asking you which topics you would like to hear about.

NEIGHBORHOOD NETWORKS: Whether you’re looking for a local Meals on Wheels service or want to report insurance complaints, we now have direct links to the resources. We’ve added 2 new networks – Pennsylvania and Nebraska. You’ll find links to federal and state government sites, county agencies of aging, local agencies and services and Alzheimer’s organizations. Coming soon: All 50 US States, Australia, UK and Canada.

WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY!: Caregiver contest winner for December Joyce Ashcraft of Cedar Rapids, Iowa chose "The Complete ElderCare Planner." If you haven’t officially subscribed to this newsletter yet, please go to the ElderCare Online homepage, click on "Subscribe to ElderCare Currents" and enter your e-mail address at the bottom of the page. We’ll give away one more book in January.

TAXPAK98/TAX TOPICS: It’s that time of the year again! As the New Year rolls past, our thoughts turn toward – Taxes. ElderCare Online has compiled a comprehensive collection of federal tax forms, instructions, publications and tax tips for tax year 1998. This year we have a set of helpful tax tips directly from the Internal Revenue Service. Download the FREE TaxPak98 and other ElderCare Assistants today.

TAX GUIDE OFFER: ElderCare Online is offering a special promotion for the month of January. If you purchase any book through the ElderCare Bookstore, you will be entered into a contest to win a copy of one of Ernst & Young’s 1999 Tax Guides – We have 2 copies of the Tax Saver’s Guide and 2 copies of the complete Tax Guide. Just buy a book through our site and send a copy of the confirmation that Amazon.com sends you. Please delete your credit card info from the confirmation.

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