Caregiver's Reprieve by Avrene Brandt

Review by Dale Anglund, Staff Writer
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"Caregiver's Reprieve: A Guide to Emotional Survival When You're Caring for Someone You Love"
by Avrene Brandt, Ph.D.

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Here's a practical look at the emotional challenges of caring for an aged or chronically ill loved one.

This compassionate and practical manual will help you:
- Understand what it means to be a caregiver
- Recognize the physical and mental changes in your loved one
- Deal with the dramatic changes in your life style
- Adjust your expectations for the future
- Handle your own emotional reactions
- Develop healty ways to cope.

Also includes informative appendices with detailed descriptions of stroke, head injury, tumors, dementia, MS, Parkinson's and more.

1 The Caregivers,
2 Caregiving; An Overview,
3 The Loss of the Person You Knew,
4 The Clothes We Wear
5 Transition
6 The Emotional Aspects of Caregiving
7 Coping
8 Reawakening

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