The Caregivers Advisory Panel


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A Special Invitation from ElderCare Online to

Learn About and Join The Caregivers Advisory Panel

The Caregivers Advisory Panel Needs Your Opinions and Insight

ElderCare Online is pleased to announce that it has formed a Collaborative Partnership with The Caregivers Advisory Panel (TCAP) and invites you to learn more about the benefits of membership in TCAP.

TCAP is comprised of family caregivers from all across the United States, representing most all caregiving situations and circumstances. TCAP conducts market research surveys with caregivers who are panel members to learn about their ideas, opinions, needs and wants.

Until TCAP, no one has ever assembled a national panel of family caregivers to advise manufacturers and service providers who design products and services that caregivers use every day.

By participating in TCAP research surveys you’ll get to:

    • VOICE YOUR OPINION: Convey your needs, wants, opinions and frustrations to America’s health care products manufacturers and service providers, organizations and policy makers by participating in TCAP research surveys and studies. Receive information about the opinions of other caregivers.
    • LEARN ABOUT AND TEST NEW PRODUCTS: Help shape the future of more effective and efficient caregiving by participating in product evaluations and sharing your opinion, reactions and successes.
    • EARN CASH INCENTIVES: Receive between one to five dollars each time you complete a Survey AND become eligible for Bonus Cash Awards.

NEW MEMBER DRAWING: When you join – you’ll be entered in our special New Member Drawing in which one out of every 250 new members will be selected to receive $100 cash.

And -

    • Membership in TCAP is free!
    • Your responses to surveys are completely confidential and private.

Join By November 22th and be eligible for the November New Member Bonus Drawing for

Multiple $ 100 Cash Awards

AND you’ll be invited to participate in the TCAP Annual Survey:

Caregiving in the US 2000 Edition: Needs, Issues and Insights - the first national panel study of caregiver needs, wants and opinions related to home health care products (with focused sections on incontinence, skin and wound care and nutrition).

– For which you’ll be paid $ 5 and become eligible for a

$ 500 Cash Bonus Drawing – Use it for respite or spend it any way you like!

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 The Caregivers Advisory Panel

Now Recruiting Family Caregivers For Market Research!

  • Speak out and share your needs, wants and opinions
  • Learn about and test new home health products;
  • Earn cash and become eligible for special cash awards
  • Membership in TCAP is free!
  • Your responses to surveys are always completely confidential and private.



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