A Note About Our Affiliation with Amazon.com

December 16, 2001

Dear Friends,

Ever since we started ElderCare Online and ALZwell.com we have maintained an affiliation with Amazon.com. Our goal is to provide you with quick, secure, and easy ways to purchase books and other products. It saves time (and sometimes money) to shop online, especially when we work together to bring you specialized products.

In return for sending people to buy things at Amazon, we receive a commission of anywhere from 5 to 15% on your purchases. To be honest, this isn't a lot of money, but it is often enough to pay for some web hosting charges, an article or two, or some technical support.

I would like your assistance in helping to boost our commissions. Amazon is a little stingy with the way they pay out the commissions. Of course they always pay on time and are accurate, but they only pay on direct referrals. For example, if you come to our bookstore and browse and don't buy, but then go back directly to Amazon the following day and buy the book, we don't get the referral fee. We only get our commission if you buy immediately after visiting our store.

If you do browse, but don't buy right away, I ask you to come back to our ElderCare Bookstore and click back through to Amazon. This isn't a ploy to boost my traffic. We don't make money on the number of page views. It is simply intended to show Amazon that ElderCare Online is bringing them business. Our referral commissions are not limited to book sales. If you purchase music CDs, magazine subscriptions, electronics, housewares, or anything else from Amazon, we get a commission. Again, but only when you start on our website and then click over to them.

Just a note of clarification: The commission is paid by Amazon to us. You are never charged for the commission and it is not somehow imbedded into your costs.

Amazon gets very technical when deciding whether to pay the 15% commission as opposed to the 5% commission. To get the 15% commission, we have to send you directly to a specific book or product (and it is eligible for the higher commission), then we get the higher fee. To maximize the higher rates, you (the shopper) would have to click back and forth between the two websites, saving your shopping cart each time. I would only ask you to make this extra effort if you felt comfortable with the extra clicking required to do this.

I mention this for two reasons: (1) in the interest of full-disclosure, and (2) as a way to boost my commissions. Thank you for your understanding with this matter. Please continue to provide recommendations and feedback.

Kind Regards,
Rich O'Boyle, Publisher
ElderCare Online and ALZwell.com