Stroke Care Bookshelf

     Stroke Care

- A Guide to Understanding Stroke by Tim Peters and Company
- Brain Injury & Stroke: A Handbook for Recovery by E.A. Freeman
- After Stroke by David Hinds & Peter Morris
- Living with Stroke: A Guide for Families by Richard Senelick, et al.
- The Stroke Recovery Book: A Guide for Patients and Families by Kip Burkman
- After Stroke: Enhancing Quality of Life by Wallace Stife
- Stroke: Questions You Have, Answers You Need by Jennifer Hay
- Living with Grief After Sudden Loss: Suicide/Homicide/Heart Attack/Stroke by Kenneth Doka
- Management of Stroke: A Practical Guide for Prevention, Evaluation, and Treatment of Acute Stroke by Harold Adams, et al.


- The Family Guide to Surviving Stroke and Communication Disorders by Dennis Tanner
- Talking About Aphasia: Living with Loss of Language After a Stroke by Susie Parr, et al.
- Basic Level Workbook for Aphasia by Susan Howell Brubaker
- Coping with Aphasia by Jon Lyon

     Personal Accounts

- Out of the Blue: One Woman's Story of Stroke, Love, and Survival by Bonnie Sherr Klein
- After the Stroke: A Journal by May Sarton
- A Stroke of Genius: Message of Hope and Healing from a Thriving Stroke Survivor by Sandy Simon
- How to Conquer the World with One Hand... and an Attitude by Stephanie Mensh & Paul Berger
- My Year Off: Recovering Life After a Stroke by Robert McCrum

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