Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia Care Bookshelf
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Books I've Actually Read & Recommend
by Susan Grossman, Founder of ALZwell

The amount of information becoming available on Alzheimer's , Caregiving and dementia is growing daily. Between the research, articles and books it's getting harder to find just the right information for you. I'm slowly compiling a list of the books that I've found helpful. The books that have excerpts are "linked" through their titles. They also have information on where to purchase them and any website associated with them. I am continually adding both books and excerpts.

Most of these links will take you to sample excerpts from these books on the ALZwell website. More excerpts, reviews, interviews, and books are available in the various "Specialty Bookshelves" are available in the ElderCare Bookstore.


- Failure-Free Activities for the Alzheimer's Patient by Carmel Sheridan
- I Remember When: Activity Ideas to Help People Reminisce by Howard Thorsheim and Bruce Roberts
- Reminiscence:Uncovering a Lifetime of Memories by Carmel Sheridan
- So Much More Than a Sing-A-Long: Creative Activities for Groups by Neta A. Wenrick, MS,RMT-BC







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