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Welcome to Prism Innovations's Caregiver Education Series. We have created a series of print and electronic booklets to help educate you about specific caregiving issues.

 Choosing a Nursing Home  Our Learning Resource Guides have been developed with the goal of enhancing your understanding of the numerous complex area of caregiving. We believe that if you have a greater sense of mastery over the skills of caregiving, you can reduce stress and improve quality of life for both yourself and your aging loved one.

  schedule6c   The Prism Care Assistant Workbooks have been designed to reduce the complications of managing a loved one's personal affairs. By minimizing the distractions associated with handling someone else's day-to-day affairs, you can spend more quality time with your loved one and their healthcare professionals and less time trying to juggle too many responsibilities.

 folder03b.gif (370 bytes)   The Custom Packages that we developed demonstrate our understanding of the issues and needs that our community members face. They are intended to help you deal with specific issues. We all like some savings, so we reduced the cost by 25% for each of these packages.

 key0c.gif (286 bytes)  Password Information We will e-mail a username and password for each online product that you purchase. So if you order three Learning Resource Guides, we will send you three usernames and passwords. This is to protect them from unauthorized access.

 question_mark0c.gif (483 bytes)  Customer Support You may access our HELP! files online, or e-mail your specific question to Please include your name, order number and specific products that you are having trouble with. Please include your phone number and we will call you if we can not diagnose the problem and send you an e-mail solution.

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