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Medical research in progressing rapidly in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of people with Parkinson's Disease. Every effort is made to ensure that our articles and information are up to date. It is critical to use the material provided here for educaitonal purposes only. Consult your trusted healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and treatment.


 chat.jpg (4843 bytes) "Parkinson's Disease Q&A" -- Live "Ask the Expert" chat session with Dr. Peter Werner from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine in New York. Transcript Available...

 file.jpg (2799 bytes) Articles on Parkinson's Disease
Understanding Parkinson's Disease
   Symptoms and Treatment of Parkinson's Disease
   Living With Parkinson's Disease
   Parkinson's: Tips on Taking Your Medication
   Ten Things Every Parkinson's Patient and Caregiver Should Know
Parkinson's Disease: New Treatments Slow Onslaught of Symptoms

 file.jpg (2799 bytes) Articles on Health, Exercise and Fitness
Maintaining Balance With Age
Exercising Care
   Cross-Training: Complete Fitness for Seniors
   Maintaining Proper Sleep Hygiene
   Walking Tips for Seniors
   Tai Chi for Health and Fitness
   Influenza and Pneumonia in Older Adults
   Depression and the Elderly


 newsppr.jpg (4547 bytes) News & Research
    Updates from leading journals and researchers (bimonthly)

 chat.jpg (4843 bytes) Questions and Answers: Chat Transcripts
    "Parkinson's Disease Q&A" with Dr. Peter Werner, M.D. (March 4, 2003)
"Parkinson's Disease Q&A" with Dr. Lucien Côté, M.D. (October 2001)
    "Parkinson's Disease: A Caregiver's Guide to Medications" with Dr. Sol Stern, M.D. (June 2000)

 LRG.jpg (2796 bytes) Recommended Reading
     Numerous books are in print that deal with Parkinson's Disease. Since clinical research in progressing rapidly in the field, we recommend that you buy only the most current edition, generally those published after January 2001.
"Understanding Parkinson's Disease: A Self-Help Guide" by David L. Cram, M.D.: Essential resource for coping day-to-day with disease, emphasizing emotional and physical well-being.
    "Shaking Up Parkinson Disease: Fighting Like a Tiger, Thinking Like a Fox" by Abraham Lieberman, M.D.: Particularly useful for the explanations of depression, anxiety, and dementia associated with Parkinson's Disease. Includes some religious references.
    "Parkinson's Disease: A Complete Guide for Patients and Families" by William J. Weiner, M.D., et al.: An excellent over-all resource, while a bit clinical in tone. Provides excellent medical advice and resources.
    "Parkinson's Disease: A Guide for Patient and Family" by Roger C. Duvoisin, M.D.: Provides extensive review and analysis of drug and surgical treatments available. Make sure that you consult with a specialized medical doctor when considering these treatments as the book may be outdated.
    "Parkinson's Disease & the Art of Moving" by John Argue: Another essential resource for the patient and caregiver. The only book to provide detailed exercise instructions on improving flexibility, balance, gait, and communication.
    "300 Tips for Making Life With Parkinson's Easier" by Shelley Peterman Schwarz: Hundreds of tips, techniques and shortcuts arranged logically. Designed to help the caregiver and patient with daily activities.

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