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July 1, 1999 Vol. 2, No. 7


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We’re getting the newsletter out a little late this month due to the July 4th holiday. We’re very excited about the additions to the website. Please take a look at the upgraded site and visit our new alliance partners, drugstore.com and Long-Term Care Quote. As you know, the entire website is free to family caregivers. We avoid flashy banner ads to make for faster downloading. But we do make arrangements with trusted commercial partners. Generally, ElderCare Online earns a commission or advertising fee whenever you patronize our partners by passing trough the links on this website. Please help keep ElderCare Online 100% free by visiting our sponsors and partners and telling them that ElderCare Online sent you. Have a happy and safe summer.

Kind Regards,

Rich O’Boyle

ElderCare Online


Learning Resource Guides Upgraded

Two New Member Homepages

Article on Filing Medicare Appeals

Our Sponsor: AlzEase

New Assistant: Medicare Health Plan Analyzer

Long-Term Care Quote Shopping Guide

Drugstore.com Now Available

Problems with the ElderCare Forum Resolved

New Neighborhood Network Resources



All of the ElderCare Learning Resource Guides (LRGs) are now available in easy-to-use Abode Acrobat format. This means that you can download, view and print whether you use PC or MacIntosh! All you have to do is download the free Adobe Acrobat software from http://www.adobe.com and you are ready to go!

- Choosing a Nursing Home

- Coping With Alzheimer’s Disease

- Glossary of ElderCare Terminology

- Preventing Frauds and Scams

- Talking With Your Doctor

If you are a career caregiver (i.e., geriatric care manager) you can purchase or license custom versions of the LRGs to give to your clients. Contact us for more information.


We’d like to welcome two new caregivers to our Member’s Homepages:

- Anna Marie’s Homepage is dedicated to her mother who died from Alzheimer’s Disease. She provides links and information for caregivers.

- Nancze’s Haven is meant to enhance awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease.


We have just added a new comprehensive article on how to file appeals if you are denied reimbursement for a Medicare claim. It contains tips on how to avoid denials in the first place. Relevant for all types of Medicare health plans, including new HMOs and managed care plans. You can find the article in the Insurance Coverage Channel or the ElderCare Archives.

NEWSLETTER SPONSOR – Alzheimer’s Ease Songs at Twilight

Note: Last month the link to the website was incorrect. Please pay them a visit and tell them that ElderCare Online sent you.

Alzheimer's Ease Presents
Songs at Twilight

An eighty minute audio cassette of specially selected familiar songs from
the early twentieth century arranged and performed by four music
therapists. The music is proven to be clinically effective as a behavior
management tool when played in a quiet environment.

Feedback has been consistently positive, repeatedly describing special
care units that have been changed by the music from chaos to pleasant
social environments. The music is especially effective as it elicits quiet
singing. It seems to transport the residents back to familiar safe harbors
of their childhood homes.

The first testimonial came from a grateful son who by playing the cassette
prior to a shower changed his mother's behavior from resistance to
compliance as she sang along, turning what would have been an ordeal into
a pleasant experience for the home health caregiver.

The second testimonial came from a wife whose husband asked her to dance
when she played the music. A victim of dementia, he had not initiated any
social interaction with her in years.

Please visit the Alzheimer's Ease web site at:
http://www.nh.ultranet.com/~alzease where you will find an order form for Songs
at Twilight. Or e-mail: alzease@nh.ultranet.com and send $15 plus $2 p & h
to: Alzheimer's Ease., Box 664, Exeter. NH 03833.


You have probably heard a lot about HMOs and managed care in the news over the past few years. While there is a lot of controversy, they may be very practical options for seniors. The government began allowing more health plan choices for seniors in 1997. The new health plans, called Medicare Choice+, include HMOs and other types of managed care plans.

ElderCare Online wants to make sure that you and your elder have access to the tools and information to make informed choices about your health care. That’s why we are providing you internal government information from the Health Care Financing Administration – The Medicare Agency. The Medicare Health Plan Analyzer is intended to put you in control of your health care decisions by calling attention to the important data points and walking you through the decision-making process. You can download the Analyzer for free or read it online. Stay tuned for more assistants that will help you make informed health plan choices.


ElderCare Online has joined efforts with Long-Term Care Quote to bring you a unique interactive education tool for understanding long-term care insurance. We have brought together years of experience on insurance policies and consumer needs to walk you through the information necessary to determine whether you are a good candidate for long-term care insurance:

  1. Questions & Answers About Long-Term Care Insurance
  2. What to Look For – And Insist On – In a Long-Term Care Policy
  3. The 5-Minute Long-Term Care Needs Analysis

These 3 Steps will give you the information and tools that you need to make informed choices about a financially important matter. When you have completed the analysis, you can contact Long-Term Care Quote directly and receive free quotes on policies that fit your needs.

LTCQ uses a proprietary database that monitors and compares prices and features of the top long-term care insurance plans on the market today. Unlike many agents who represent just one or two companies, LTCQ represents 17 highly rated ones and has access to over 40 different policies. They will provide you with free, no-obligation quotes for the long-term care insurance policies that fit your needs. If you buy a policy through LTCQ, ElderCare Online receives an advertising fee that allows us to keep the site 100% free to you and other family caregivers.


Drugstore.com is one of the best commercial sites on the Internet for elder caregivers. They offer prescription drugs, health and beauty aids, and wellness and personal care products. All of these products can be delivered quickly to your elder’s door – even if you live across the country. Just think about the convenience of refilling prescriptions routinely by mail, ordering incontinence products and having them discretely delivered to your elder’s door, or having care packages sent to your elder as a sign that you are thinking of him/her.

Whenever you by products through drugstore.com, ElderCare Online receives a small commission which help us keep our website 100% free to family caregivers. Just remember to access drugstore.com through our website so that they can track our commissions. Thank you for keeping us in mind.


Did you recently have trouble posting a message to the ElderCare Forum? Somehow, my web hosting service put an access restriction on the page! I have resolved it. Thanks, Kate, for calling this to my attention. The ElderCare Forum is a message board where caregivers can ask questions, provide answers and share experiences. If you have questions, please share them here. Please help out your fellow caregivers and give your insight to their problems. You don’t have to be a professional – your experiences as a caregiver are worth more than any PhD.!


We have added comprehensive links to state, local and free resources in six states – Connecticut, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. Links fall into the categories of Government Resources, Alzheimer’s Support Groups, Local Resources and Associations. Please let us know if you find the links useful and if you know of any other helpful links that should be shared with other caregivers.

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