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December 1, 2004                                                                                 Vol. 7 No. 6
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Caregivers know all too well that helping someone get dressed can be a difficult and painful experience. But it doesn't have to be so hard. Silvert's Adaptive Clothing carries a wide array of helpful clothes designed for special needs such as Alzheimer's, arthritis, incontinence and dressing from a seated position. This special open back clothing overlaps in the back for easy dressing, while also ensuring dignity and modesty. The line has been so popular that many nursing homes have adopted Silvert's as their primary provider of elder care clothing. You can buy helpful adaptive clothing online at Silvert's website at

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The day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday shopping season. Black Friday, as the retailers call it, is the busiest shopping day of the year. Somewhere in the crush of merriment and spending is the true meaning of the holiday season. As we speak, we are right in the middle of the Jewish holiday, Chanukah.

Chanukah celebrates the victory of Jews twenty-three centuries ago against Syrian invaders and the rededication of the holiest Jewish site, the Temple in Jerusalem. The rededication required the lighting of a sacred flame that is to be kept burning at all times, but the priests had only enough oil of one day. The miracle of Chanukah is that that tiny supply of oil burned for eight days.

In this story, we can find a bit of wisdom for caregivers. Somewhere in the daily challenges of trying to get so much done and to find time for ourselves, we tap into our personal strength – somehow we can get eight times the amount of work done. For some of us it is our faith on God, for others it is a hard-nosed determination. That resilience and inner strength in times of crisis is what gets us through the hardest times.

During this season, which is sacred to so many world religions, we have to tap into this inner strength and find both gentleness and muscle; peace and vigilance; and togetherness and independence.



Feature Article: “Getting Loved Ones to Accept Assisted Living” by Jacqueline Marcell
ElderCare Bookstore: Holiday Shopping with
Caregiver Store: The Prism Complete Organizer and Planner Special Edition
Healthy Aging: “Successful Aging: Optimizing Life in the Second Half” by Dr. Sol Stern and Rich O’Boyle
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FEATURE ARTICLE: “Getting Loved Ones to Accept Assisted Living” by Jacqueline Marcell

Convincing elderly loved ones to move from the comfort of the home they've known for many years into an assisted living situation can be one of the toughest hurdles for families to accomplish. The best way is to start the conversation sooner rather than later, while your loved ones are still in good health. Getting them used to the idea beforehand will make it easier when the time comes.

But what if you haven't already made plans for the transition? If it is time for your loved ones to alter their living situation, here's what you can you do.

Read the complete article at

ELDERCARE BOOKSTORE: Holiday Shopping with

Since 1997 we have built a strong relationship with, the leading bookseller on the Internet. As Amazon has grown, so have we. Our little “ElderCare Bookstore” is a valued resource for our members, and a nice little source of income to keep the website up and running. We feature hundreds of books, authors, and media that are useful to our members with reviews and samples. has grown as well. They sell not only books, but also clothing, computer software, videos, and kitchen aids. Online shopping with Amazon is a pleasure: the website is fast and secure. And for a limited time, Amazon is offering free shipping on order over $25 (some restrictions apply). This can end up saving you so much time (instead of trudging through the malls) and a nice chunk of money (in sales taxes and shipping costs).

I promote Amazon because we receive a small commission from all items sold through our referral. It doesn’t cost you anything more to use our bookstore as a starting point, but it makes a big difference for us.

So if you plan on doing some online shopping this season at, please use the ElderCare Bookstore as your starting place at And remember, Amazon sells so much more through its partnerships with Target, Marshall Fields, Land’s End, Toys R Us, and other retailers.

New Additions: We have added several newly released books to our bookstore, including some very interesting titles. In addition, we have added essential Anti-Virus software from Norton and McAfee. All of the software packages have substantial rebates so check them out. I am getting my brother Norton for Christmas because he has been plagued by several annoying viruses over the past few months.

 - “Successful Aging: The MacArthur Foundation Study,” by John W. Rowe, M.D. and Robert L. Kahn, Ph.D.
 - “Love, Honor, and Value: A Family Caregiver Speaks Out About the Choices and Challenges of Caregiving” by Suzanne Mintz and Kathleen Kelly
 - “Exploring Our Lives: A Writing Handbook for Seniors” by Francis E. Kazemek
 - “Will I Be Next: Bea Gorman's Life Story” by Lois Bristow
 - “How to Feel Good As You Age: A Voice of Experience” by John Barnett
 - “In the Care of Strangers: When Your Loved One Needs a Nursing Home” by Linda Pischke and Calvin Langmade
 - “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond
 - “God Knows Caregiving Can Pull You Apart: 12 Ways to Keep It Together” by Gretchen Thompson
 - “Circles of Care: How to Set Up Quality Home Care for Our Elders” by Ann Cason
 - “When Someone You Love Needs Nursing Home, Assisted Living, or In-Home Care: The Complete Guide” by Robert F. Bornstein, Ph.D. and Mary Languirand, Ph.D.
 - “The Person With Alzheimer's Disease: Pathways to Understanding the Experience” by Phyllis Braudy Harris
 - “Caregivers and Personal Assistants” by Alfred H. DeGraff, M.A., S.E.A.

 - “Talking to Alzheimer's: Simple Ways to Connect When You Visit a Family Member or Friend” by Claudia Strauss

Go to the ElderCare Bookstore at for links to these books, reviews, and sample pages.

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Our two workbooks, the Prism Personal Organizer and the Prism Medical Manager are designed to take some of the load off of your back when it comes to record-keeping and the day-to-day management of medical affairs.

Both workbooks offer practical worksheets to collect information that is useful when filling out forms for your loved one, applications for government benefits, hospital records, and the detailed information that your doctor wants you to follow. The Medical Manager also helps you keep track of your loved one’s condition so that you have a record of questions you want to ask the doctor, changes that have occurred over time in your loved one, and issues that need to be raised.

Normally we sell the two workbooks separately, but we have combined them into a Special Edition – what normally would cost you almost $24 is available for only $15.95. The Special Edition includes the two workbooks, as well as access to a password-protected section of the website that includes new downloadable worksheets.

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HEALTHY AGING: “Successful Aging: Optimizing Life in the Second Half” by Dr. Sol Stern and Rich O’Boyle

The impact of the physiological changes of aging is determined by the attitude of a person as he/she ages. “Successful aging” is an attitude relatively new to western culture. Taoism and other eastern philosophies, however, have long promoted this concept. Successful aging stems from and results in an enhanced quality of life. People who age successfully are healthy, energetic people leading active, vital lives. By staying healthy, fit, and engaged with life, older people contribute to society and maintain their self-esteem.

From about the age of 30, physical and mental abilities inevitably begin to decline. The good news is that this process can be slowed down. In the book “Successful Aging,” John Rowe, M.D. and Robert Kahn, Ph.D. describe how to make the best of our later years. Their recommendations are based on the MacArthur Foundation Study of Successful Aging.

Read the complete article, along with practical easy-to-follow suggestions to stay fit and healthy as you age at


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