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The Caregiver’s Beacon (tm)
“Tell me why – Show me how – Hold my hand”
November 1, 2010                                                                                       Vol. 11 No. 2
ALZwell Caregiver Support and ElderCare Online and
Serving the Needs of Caregivers Since 1996

Dear Friends,

For the past 13 years, ElderCare Online has been providing a wealth of information and resources to family caregivers. It’s hard to believe that the website has been continually published for that long. When I started it back in October 1997, it was a clunky and admittedly ugly little website:

  • The first article published was “Taking Away the Car Key: Suggestions for Caregivers.”
  • Our little chat room always bumped people out.
  • We used funny chat names like Casey, Bubblehead, Thumper and Sugarlips?
  • The ElderCare Forum was an old list-serv type of software.

Many of our loved ones have passed away. And other have joined our family. This continuous circle is one of the painful, but beautiful lessons that I have learned over the years.

Thank You and Happy Anniversary!

Best Regards,
Rich O’Boyle, Publisher
ElderCare Online


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Feature Article: “Oh My Aching Back! Caregivers and Back Pain and Strain” by Stephanie Rogers, Staff Writer
Book Review: “Waiting for the Morning: A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Alzheimer's Disease” by Brenda Parris Sibley
Caregiver Support: The ElderCare Forum
Our Sponsor: A Place for Mom
New Websites: Diabetes Care and Information
Caregiving Tip: How to Hire a Home Care Aide by Nancy Bryce, Staff Writer
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Feature Article: “Oh, My Aching Back! Preventing Back Strain,” by Stephanie Rogers, Staff Writer
Caring for someone with limited - or no - mobility can be a huge pain. In the back. A literal labor of love. Are any of these activities part of your daily care "regimen" for your loved one?

  • Turning them in bed
  • Repositioning them in bed e.g., move them forward, up, lay them down
  • Lowering them onto and lift them off of the toilet
  • Lowering them into and lift them out of the bathtub
  • Lowering them into and lift them out of the wheelchair
  • Sitting them into, lifting them out of a car

If so, you are likely putting a tremendous strain on your neck, shoulders and particularly your back - but we probably didn’t need to tell you that. The back strain experienced by caregivers is accepted as an inevitable part of the job.

Read the entire article…

Book Review: Waiting for the Morning: A Mother and Daughter's Journey Through Alzheimer's Disease” by Brenda Parris Sibley
I was probably among the first visitors to Brenda Parris Sibley's web site, "A Year to Remember...with My Mother and Alzheimer's Disease," back in 1996. I had a special interest in Alzheimer's, because our family had just come through our own caregiving journey. Our grandmother, who we cared for in our home for seven years, had died in May of '96 a little over a month after Brenda's mother passed away. I visited her site many, many times over the next few years. I thought it was wonderful!
Read the complete review…

Caregiver Support: The ElderCare Forum

The ElderCare Forum has been continuously providing support to caregivers since 1997. The technology certainly has changed over the last 13 years. One thing that has not changed is the valuable exchange that has served so many caregivers over those years.

This is a safe place for people to share ideas, humor, anger, and make lasting relationships. No topic is out of bounds. Drop by today to browse or join in the discussions. We have currently over 4,000 registered members.

Visit the ElderCare Forum at

Our Sponsor: A Place for Mom

“A Place for Mom” is a free referral service that helps families find nursing homes, assisted living, Alzheimer's care, retirement communities, home care, and other senior care options. Their experienced Eldercare Advisors have assisted thousands of families with the difficult task of selecting senior care.

Once you fill out the brief form on their website, you will be contacted by a senior care expert. The initial consultation is free, but they may recommend services and assistance that you have to pay for. Request a free consultation.

New Website: Diabetes Care and Information

The creator of ElderCare Online has published a new website for people managing diabetes: Diabetes Care and Information at This free, informative website follows in the tradition of ElderCare Online by providing high-quality, professionally written articles on the range of topics related to diabetes care.

Caregiving Tip: Choosing In-Home Care Assistance by Nancy Bryce, Staff Writer

Finding the best home care aide for your situation requires a bit of preparation, effective research and interviewing. This article gives you some helpful tips and sample interview questions to help you with your search. The old adage, "Well begun is half done," applies here. Before you begin your search, you should have in mind what you expect the home care aide to do. Based on your needs, you will be able to narrow your search to those agencies and independent caregivers who can best serve you and your elder.

Read the entire article…


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