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match.jpg (8478 bytes) Overview
        Healthy diet and behaviors are the gift that you give yourself. As caregivers, you have particular challenges maintaining your own health and vitality. This topic is a joint production of ElderCare Online and the Institute for Healthy Aging at Pace University's Lienhard School of Nursing, NYC. The information contained herein is intended to help men and women 40+ to enhance their wellbeing now and for the future.

         Stress Management: Tips and Techniques
         Identifying and Reducing Stress in Your Life
         Caring for the Caregiver: Promoting Your Own Well Being
         Memory Enhancement
         Exercising Care NEW
         Proper Nutrition 40+

Skills Builders
Strategies for Managing Stress Practical ideas to help caregivers reduce stress, find local resources, communicate emotions and improve quality fo life.

 taxpakthumb.jpg (18747 bytes) How Stressed Are You? Stress Calculator
         Answer this simple and straight-forward questionnaire to get to the heart of what is stressing you out. And then we will provide you with a personalized series of practical articles and tips on how to minimize that stress. Finally, a useful personalized tool that respects your privacy! Reduce Your Stress Now... COMING SOON!

 check.gif (392 bytes) Survey of Healthy Aging Issues and Concerns
         Thank you to all particpants for helping us to better understand the keys to successful aging.

 newbulb.jpg (14621 bytes) ElderCare Forum
          Share your comments and challenges in the ElderCare Forum. Throughout the month of December ElderCare Online and Pace will be answering about healthy aging and managing caregiver stress. Participate Now...

 PE03323_.wmf (1990 bytes) Discussion Groups
           Wednesday, December 6 (9:00PM to 10:00PM EST):Dr. Joanne Singleton discusses "Memory Enhancement." Transcript
           Wednesday, December 20 (9:00PM to 11:00PM EST):Dr. Joanne Singleton discusses "Exercise 40+."
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  Reading List and Reviews
            A Short Guide to a Happy Life by Anna Quindlen
            Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercises by Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin

  Websites of Interest

   -- Site for people interested in peak performance and memory enhancement
            The Institute for Healthy Aging -- Headquartered at Pace University's Lienhard School of Nursing
            Novartis Foundation for Gerontology -- Collection of sites focused on healthy aging and wellness for professionals and consumers

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