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The TLChoices Care Interpreter is a free decision-support tool that allows you to find the best living options for a parent or loved one based on specific personal and health needs. The Care Interpreter asks a few questions regarding the person you are looking for, such as finances, health status, memory impairment, and others. In most cases, this takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Based on these answers, an easy to understand grid is created that outlines the different assisted care settings available, including providing care at home; how well matched each setting is to your specific needs and situation; and detailed information and advice helping you learn more about your options.

TLChoices collects some very important and sometimes sensitive information. We recommend that you review their privacy policy (which is different from ours) and consider it before inputting any sensitive information. TLChoices uses your personal information to give you advice, but also to send you information from third parties that may be of interest to you. In those cases, your personally identifiable information is not transferred to the third party.

ElderCare Online, ALZwell Caregiver Support, and Prism Innovations do not receive compensation of any kind for making this service available to our members. We present it as a potentially useful tool for decision-making.

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