If your loved one lives alone and/or has chronic illnesses, there is very little long-term support outside of the hospital to help them cope with their health problems. Also, since more and more Medicare HMOs are failing, the need for help in reducing pharmacy costs will only get stronger.

We want to introduce you to some new services that can help to ease your concerns. One of our newest affiliates provides helpful medical counseling and health cost support services. was developed by a team of doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and psychologists.

AgelessCare provides:

    • 24-hour nurse advice and medical counseling services (AgelessCare 24)
    • A leading national healthcare discount card including more than 70,000 pharmacy, dental, and vision care providers nationwide (AgelessCare Discount Card)

AgelessCare is the only national company that provides an integrated Internet site with 24-hour nurse advice and a national healthcare discount program. If you find a similar company, we'd like to know about it.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS: Through a partnership with Total Health Management, a division of Adventist Health System, Inc, AgelessCare provides the public with more than 12 years and more than 3 million calls of experience! Staffed with experienced, registered nurses, you can be confident that you or your loved one will receive the right information, when needed, and where needed. AgelessCare nurses average more than 15 years of clinical experience and utilize PHYSICIAN-APPROVED guidelines to provide your family with the most helpful and accurate health information.

Click Here to go directly to AgelessCare to learn more about membership options, or read on...


Enrollment is easy. To receive access to the nurse line only, enroll for Silver membership. If you'd like to get the nurse line PLUS the national discount program, enroll for Gold membership. And, just as soon as your membership fee is processed online, you will automatically receive access to the toll-free number and options for the nurse line, called AgelessCare 24. The discount cards are processed and shipped in less than a week.

If your loved one currently lives with you, you should enroll as the member and speak directly with the nurses about their condition and what you can do to improve their health or mental health status.

If your loved one lives alone, you should sign them up as the member for the subscription. If they don't have access to the Internet, you can call them and give them the toll-free number to use whenever they need help and want to talk with the nurses about their health concerns. AgelessCare will simply notify you when their annual membership comes up for renewal.

If you want to also get the national discount program for them, the same enrollment suggestions would apply for Gold Membership as for Silver.

Here is a summary of AgelessCare membership options and fees.

AgelessCare Membership Options

Bronze members receive access to their own personalized web page called "My CareJournal." In My CareJournal, members can:

1 - Access and read our weekly newsletter, "AgelessCare News" (featuring information on nutrition, healthy aging, disease management, life planning, alternative medicine, and more),
2 - Take health, nutrition, and family caregiver assessment quizzes
3 - Ask our geriatric nurse practitioner your health or caregiver support questions,
4 - Receive periodic coupons for online store discounts,
5 - Link to members' only articles and medical research resources,
6 - Receive weekly video feature updates on the latest medical research.

SILVER MEMBERSHIP - ONLY $39.95 per Family Per Year
Silver members get everything that Bronze members receive in "My CareJournal" -- PLUS Silver members also receive a link in My CareJournal which provides:

1 - Toll-free telephone number and options to our experienced nurses, using physician-approved health information 24 hours a day (AgelessCare 24). All calls are kept strictly confidential.
2 - Online audio topics catalog providing hundreds of health and wellness topics that Silver members can listen to confidentially over our toll-free telephone number any time day or night,
3 - Printable topic catalog containing hundreds of health and disease information reports (if Silver members don't have a printer at home, they can place an order through the toll-free telephone number to have a specific health report mailed to them).

GOLD MEMBERSHIP - ONLY $69.95 per Family Per Year
Gold members get everything Bronze AND Silver Members receive in "My CareJournal" -- PLUS Gold members also receive 2 personalized health discount cards in the mail (includes AgelessCare 24 Nurse Advice number), allowing them to save up to 60% on products and services from more than 70,000 participating pharmacies, dental offices, and vision care providers.

The AgelessCare Discount Card is NOT AN INSURANCE PLAN OR MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT. But, it eases the typical healthcare headaches:

  • No claim forms to fill out
  • No high deductibles to meet
  • No maximums
  • No waiting periods for coverage
  • No pre-existing condition exclusions
  • No reimbursement procedures
  • Choose another participating provider at any time!

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