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  Bernie & Mark's Home Page -- Mark has built this very personal website while caring for his wife who has been diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia. Mark's website offers travel diversions, as well as information on his volunteer activities and Canadian links. NEW

  Bigtree -- Finding the Humanity and Love in Alzheimer's Care -- Beverly Bigtree Murphy's website is unique in its approach to addressing the ethical, emotional, and physical care issues associated with Alzheimer's Disease. We are proud to promote Beverly as one of our featured authors. NEW

  Descent into Alzheimer's Disease -- An online journal chronicling our family's daily life as we care for my mother who has Alzheimer's Disease.

  Camp Bernice -- The page describes how we find joy even in the depths of Alzheimer's Disease; how camping has become a focal point in her life and the silly things that have happened while tenting.

  Carrie's Place -- My site provides a brief bio of me as a spousal caregiver, links, my
favorite quotes, musical selections, poetry I have written about caregiving and Alzheimer's, and some thoughts on early Alzheimer's from the point of view of one who worked in community based long term care from 1978 to 1997.

  Alzheimer's -- No Respector of Persons -- The following pages briefly summarize our family's seven year journey caring for my husband's grandmother stricken with Alzheimer's. I am happy to say that the story in it's entirety was recently published by Tyndale House Publishers, given the name One Family's Journey through Alzheimer's.  NEW

  Joanne's Homepage -- My husband has Alzheimer's. I am his caregiver 24/7, my site is dedicated to help others  to get the information they need, and poems written by friends and myself about Alzheimer's. NEW

  Through the Eyes of a Son -- Jerry Ham's poetry touches every caregiver deeply. He is warm, understanding and knowledgeable.

  My Brother and Me -- This site is designed to provide information for caregivers that are caring for individuals with Down's Syndrome that are also showing signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease.

  Jan/Mina's Home Page -- The life of an EOAD (Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease) patient chronicled in an online daily journal, with links to other sites of support for the patient.

  Through His Eyes: Living With Alzheimer’s -- Tim Brennan shares his wisdom through articles and poetry. A great resource that reveals to caregivers the inherent dignity of a person with Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease.

  Howard Hotlines -- Janie Rapp's humorous, but realistic journal of her father's struggle with stroke and aphasia.

  Jack Cormack's Home Page -- Jack dedicates a touching and personal view of his family and wife, who has Alzheimer's Disease. The site chronicles in great detail the progression of her disease and the care that her family and doctors provided her. It is an excellent account for new caregivers and recently diagnosed loved ones to explore.

  Doug Keck's HomePage -- Doug has pulled together one of the best sites that lead people to resources for Pick’s Disease, which afflicts his wife. You will find medical information, an online support group and other caregiver resources.

  A Practical Guide for Caregivers in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario  -- This is an area specific site for patients/caregivers in and travelers to North Western Ontario - Canada.

  The Caregivers Army -- This is a grass-roots advocacy group started by network of long-term caregivers. They are pressing for federal laws and benefits to support caregivers, fund Alzheimer's Disease research and raise awareness of the caregiver needs.

  Gerry's World -- Gerry had a great appreciation for life and its blessings, faced adversity with courage, and had the most beautiful smile.

  AnnaMarie's Page -- A home page dedicated to my mother who died from alzheimer's. Helpful links and information for all caregivers. The best advice I can offer caregivers is to keep a sense of humor and to educate yourself. Learn everything you can about your loved one's disease.

  Nancze's Caregiver's Haven -- My site is meant to enhance awareness of Alzheimer's Type Dementia and give all caregivers a place to exchange ideas and recieve support.  As a nurse I have cared for AD patients for 21 years and offer my insights.

  Passage Into Paradise is the true story of my mother's 14 year struggle with Alzheimers - She was totally bedfast the last four years and I was her sole caregiver 24/7. This book chronicles the journey we both took to the end of her life... and also the aftermath which followed for me....

  The Long Good Bye -- I have been my mother Raizel's primary caregiver for 2 1/2 years. It is exhausting and gut wrenching to see how much she has changed. This website is my journey to find the faith I once had. I am hoping that I can help or something in these pages will guide someone to a comfortable place. I have provided several links to the major Jewish groups that can direct you to a synogogue in your neighborhood.

  The Ribbon -- Please visit The Ribbon, a website inspired by The Ribbon Newsletter, created to provide information for caregivers dealing with Alzheimer's and Dementia. This site features an award-winning newsletter, chat rooms, message board, and a Dedication Garden.

  Emz Health Care @ Home Site -- These pages offer practical information,inspirational verse, and humor for family caregivers , home health aides , and those they care for.

  Caregiving Mom -- These inspirational pages contain poetry written for the caregiver's mother, who has Alzheimer's Disease. It also links to other poetry sites and information about Alzheimer's Disease.

  Sue's HomePage -- A tribute to Sue's dad as he fought and lost a 20 year battle to Alzheimer's Disease. There are also some informative sites linked as well as personal favorites, and her pet Dachshunds with their favorite links.

  LaVonne's Flight of Fancy -- These pages will go where my mind meanders. "Some of them will contain helpful hints in dealing with Multiple Sclerosis or disability in general. Some may lead off into places where fairies and elves play. Who knows . . . I am just beginning to allow my imagination take me where it will."

  Alzheimer's Outreach -- A comprehensive site dedicated to one woman's journey as her mother's caregiver. It includes information on Caregiving, Alzheimer's Disease, Nursing and Nursing Homes and Health Care Issues.

  A Year to Remember -- This indepth site features poetry, resources, book reviews, news and activities for elders with Alzheimer's Disease. "I want to share all the information I can find about this disease because I know that knowledge is essential to being a good caregiver."

  Grandma's Page -- This short page is one woman's discussion of caring for her mother who has Alzheimer's Disease. Caregivers can follow the story and relate the the challenges and trials she faces.

  Carolyn Hayanli's HomePage -- Carolyn is a grass-roots activist for increased funding for Alzheimer's Disease research and support. She also maintains a personal website including an interactive message board and her online journal.

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