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Come to the ElderCare Community Center to find support from your peers and from professional caregivers. We provide chat rooms, discussion forums and bulletin boards to help you build personal relationships and share the tips and pointers that make caregiving less of a challenge. The Neighborhood Networks are pages of links to steer you to local resources. Join us for regular real-time discussions with authors and other caregivers.


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  World Wide Chat Guide with links to chat sessions on other websites every day of the week. Use this new directory to find chat sessions elsewhere on the Internet. NEW

 handssupport.gif (2933 bytes)I Was Once Like You Before I Got Alzheimer's -- Carolyn Haynali's sincere and inspirational website devoted to her late husband. NEW

handssupport.gif (2933 bytes)Children of Aging Parents Support Groups -- Caregivers stay healthy longer and are less stressed through regular association with support groups which afford practical advice, understanding, and affirmation. CAPS refers caregivers to appropriate groups anywhere in the US. NEW

 handssupport.gif (2933 bytes) The WellSpouse Foundation -- gives support to wives, husbands, and partners of the chronically ill and/or disabled. WellSpouse support groups meet monthly. Members share their thoughts and feelings openly with others facing similar circumstances in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. NEW

 handssupport.gif (2933 bytes) Visit the Caregiver Support Network to get help from our volunteers, access support groups and link up with other caregivers online.

 PE03323_.wmf (1990 bytes) Chat Now! -- Click here to log into the Elder Caregiving Chat Room for real-time discussion groups with other caregivers and eldercare professionals.

 newbulb.jpg (14621 bytes) The ElderCare Forum UPDATED! -- Post questions, give answers, request information or share your experiences and tips.

  Caregiver HomePages -- Visit websites maintained by other caregivers,  read their online journals and learn tips.

--- Chat Transcripts ---

Special Presentations with Guest Hosts:
     - "Grief and Caregiving:" with Tom Meuser, Ph.D. October 15, 2001 Transcript
     - "Parkinson's Disease Q&A:" with Lucien Côté MD October 10, 2001 Transcript

    -  "Choosing Great Care Facilities:" with Marilyn Rantz and Lori Popejoy March 15, 2001 Transcript
     - "Less Common Dementias: Understanding the Differences to Improve Care" with Dr. Lawrence Honig February 8, 2001 Transcript
"The Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease: What’s Next, What Can I Expect?" with Dr. Karen Bell December 8, 2000 Transcript
     - "Healthy Aging: Memory Enhancement" with Joanne Singleton, Ph.D. December 6, 2000 Transcript
     - "Quality of Life at the End of Life" with Dr. Joanne Lynn. September 20, 2000 Transcript
     - "Talking With Your Aging Parents" with Mark Edinberg, PhD. August 2, 2000 Transcript
     - "Discussing the Alzheimer's Diagnosis With Your Loved One" with Janet Walsh, June 21, 2000 Transcript
     - "Predicting Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Loss" with Dr. Mary Sano, February 1, 2000 Transcript

"ElderCare Answers" discussion for new caregivers with Rich O'Boyle
     - June 7, 2000 Transcript
     - May 31, 2000 Transcript
     - May 10, 2000 Transcript
     - April 5, 2000 Transcript
     - March 15, 2000
     - March 8, 2000 Transcript

"ALZwell Tonight" self-help for dementia caregivers with Susan Grossman
     - July 26, 2000 Transcript

     - June 14, 2000 Transcript
     - May 25, 2000 Transcript
     - May 11, 2000 Transcript

































































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