Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- October 2000


I will be your memory
When words fail you? Then you will see
That I'll retain those precious finds
Which once existed in YOUR mind ---

Now, we must share what you once knew
Because I'll stand in front of you
A buffer zone - From earthly foes -
I'll close the gaps when you don't know

No one can clearly understand
Just what it means to be human --
You'll never need to fret or fear
For I am constant - ever near ---

If you can no longer talk, hear or see
Then take my hand - Trust totally -
Hidden deep within your soul
Is still the person which I know ---

My voice will speak when you cannot
My mind retain what you've forgot ---
When you've lost yourself and your memories
Whatever you need ----
That's what I will be .........


The faces of innocents come before me ---
Gone is their pain - forgotten misery -
Instead, they shine and radiate love
God wiped away tears and created love
Where once there was sorrow, weeping and woe
He gave them a Home, to each call their own ---

These faces appear to me indiscriminately
Some may be human - others, animals, be ---
But pain is not found in their eyes anymore
For God took that from them - away from their door
He planted and watered the seeds of their youth
And nurtured their growth, growing thus His great truth

That LOVE is what binds us - Man and species, alike
He surrounds us with kindness, beauty and life
He crowns us with goodness - brings forth the light
Banishes darkness, suffering, and night ---
He blesses the creatures - From His hand, they spring
And out of the ashes, NEW LIFE does He bring ---

The faces of innocents are staring at me
Those on this earth are pleading, you see
For God to come bear them away to His Land
And endue them with power - touched by His hand
Even those creatures, who speak nothing now --
Are graced by His love, and before Him, they bow

For the Bible bears witness that animals roam
Within God's Kingdom - Their Heavenly Home -
Among all the children, who did not survive
This earthly condition - While, in Heaven, they thrive
Should we encounter things which just don't make sense
Perhaps we could ponder ---
The faces of innocents........


She stands in the doorway - most every night
Watching her daughter in the pale moonlight --
She sees in her heart and knows how she grieves
She longs to bring comfort and precious relief ---

Her daughter seems lost in a world full of pain
Swirling in memories that she can't regain ---
Her mother stands quietly, waiting to find
A second - a moment - when she can entwine

Her spirit around the child she loves so --
For she dwells in Heaven, while earth is below
A long time awaits till they join up again
So she stands in the doorway, looking to when

Her daughter realizes that she's always there
She knows of her restlessness, confusion and care --
She yearns for her: peace, prosperity, health
She knows these, her daughter, must find for herself ---

Having no physical form creates a problem
But, deep within, she shares a strong bond
With her daughter, the one she wants most to know
'I'm with you, NOW - and all your tomorrows" ---

'Don't give in to negativity ---
I'm close by your side - FOREVER, I'll be
Just shut your eyes, focus and pray ---
Standing in the doorway......."

**Written for Brenda Race

This is a true story, occurred just 3 days after Tony's passing.....

Let me see BEAUTY, through the eyes of a child
For they are so innocent, free and unspoiled -
For children have eyes to see in the night

Let me, just once, behold face to face
Those whom the children see - So full of grace!!
Loved ones who've moved on to Heavenly Day ---
My eyes are holden - I'm blind, so they say

To all which transpires in the spiritual realms
But children are honest and open - They tell
It just like it happens, without doubt or fear ---
Cuz their hearts are open - They see!! And they hear!!

Help me believe that what's imparted to them
Is really meant for ME, to acknowledge when
My loved one is granted RESURRECTION LIFE ---
He'll come to a child to reassure his wife ----

God, I do thank you for granting to me
Confirmation that You imparted through the
Eyes of a child, so pure and so sweet ---
My loved one's with YOU - His life is complete ---

Now, mine will go on - Somehow, with Your strength
My life will be fuller and I'll become wise
As the days stretch out longer ----
I'll grow much stronger ----
For my heart knows peace - My soul is restored
Because I have seen ---
Through a child's eyes......

**Dedicated to Mary Martin, in memory of her husband, Tony

2000 Dorothy Womack. All Rights Reserved.