Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- November 2000


It's only a picture of what used to be
An old, faded snapshot - but still real to me
You've probably forgotten the way it once was
But I have real clarity - This is because
I live in the present - The past, it's the same
You dwell in the future - I don't know your name

This picture's quite faded - yet captures the days
When we were together, in all of our ways
I cannot remember what I haven't lived yet
You say that I've been here - These people, I've met
But I don't recall anything as a clue
To this world which you say I inhabit with you...

Please tell me, would you, just how this can be??
I'm very confused and perplexed, don't you see??
I recognize the voice - It's the face which has changed
I cannot speak to those without names!!

Oh, how I long for time to stand still --
Not just for me - but for all of us, until
Time travelers cease to separate minds
And God does away with this concept called 'TIME'...
When life becomes simple - like the pictures I see
These images constantly come before me ---

For memories aren't bound by what's known as 'TIME'
Our windows of recall aren't marked with a sign
Saying 'No admittance - Move forward, not back'
My mind is a story book, opened to that
Which brings me enjoyment, safety and friends
While you've finished reading - YOU know how it ends!!

I'm still entangled, on the pages inside
Sometimes I'm tired and often I hide ---
But please be my partner - Whatever I do -
And never forget, that I'll always love you ----

A time traveler - Yes - Is what I shall be
Moving from decades - across centuries -
Yet, still remaining - Like pictures, unchanged
Captured in moments - Forever, the same......

**Dedicated to Tim and Peggy Brennan


Society tells us what is acceptable and right
Take care of our bodies, rest and eat right
Do everything possible to live to be old ---
Preserve your bodies, at all costs, we're told

But something happens as we move on in life
Our bodies break down from trouble and strife
We ache, creak and groan whenever we try
To do much at all, it often makes us cry!!!

We become burdened by what we can no longer do
Our bodies prevent us, deter us - Can't you
See, then, that there is a new way
For us to get through the remainder of our days???

Look higher up and deeper inside - There you'll find
The Wisdom of Ages and true peace of mind ----
It's those having bodies that are bound, don't you see?
For when your spirit is released, you can truly go free!!!!


You're no longer there for me
I look in your eyes, and I can see
You're not the one I thought I knew
The life we shared is over too ----

I held on so long to what used to be
I felt someday you'd come back to me
But today I faced the harshest truth
The you I see is no longer YOU!!!

Your body still remains intact
Your mannerisms are in fact
No different than they used to be
Except you don't remember me ----

My heart breaks daily, right in two
Because I miss the YOU in you ---
I must go on, despite this trial
Knowing in my heart, all the while

Life will never be as it used to be
You really don't remember me ---
Yet, I know in your spirit, dear
My image is forever clear ---

So I'll strive hard to live my days
Remembering our time in every way
With regrets, few - With honor, true
My heart, my love, my memory ---
Our love, eternal - Shall ever be.......

**Written for Carolyn Haynali


There's a disease which divides all in its wake
Scares the wits out of people - makes them quake
It causes great havoc, division and strife
Brings those involved an impossible life ----

However, sometimes there is good to be found
Despite all the bad - We share common ground
Those who relate, comprehend and advise
Are often considered as angelic and wise ---

But we only dispense that which we have learned
Through hardships and trials, pain at every turn
We seek to help others find their way in this maze
Without so much heartache, in so many ways ---

Yes, Alzheimers is deadly - its sting, brutal still
No matter how dark - God's hand will prevail
We cannot cure, control or dismiss ---
We have to learn how to live with all this

But wisdom comes forth in the strangest of ways
Things often so tragic bring sunshine to days ----
Somehow they teach us to value our time
Each precious moment, together, sublime ----

Priceless treasures lie buried deep within
The most hideous of situations - Even when
We cannot see the forest for the trees ---
How grateful I am, it's our hearts which God sees.....


When we were young, we used to dance
Took time to enjoy life, at every chance
We used to laugh , rejoice and sing
Life lay ahead - We had everything
Then something slowly began to change
You forgot simple words - Our home - My name

Inch by inch, you disappeared
And I was faced with my greatest fears ---
Moe, our lives are intertwined
I am yours, and you are all mine ---
Now, your thoughts, I cannot surmise
There is a dimness overshadowing your eyes

We never meant our world to become
Where we became 'two', instead of just 'one'
Our spirits are joined eternally
For your wife, alone, I'll always be ---
Whatever befalls us - Whatever it takes -
I stand beside you - These vows did I make

Hold tight to my hand, as I hold to you
What God has spoken will always be true ---
God says we are ONE - Of this, I believe
In sickness or health - in joy or in grief
My heart belongs wholly to only one man
A kind, gentle soul - with tender hands ---

How hard it will be when I must let you go ----
Always remember: One man did I love ----
And his name is 'MOE'.........

** Written for Moe & Betty Blake


Betty, I love you - I know you love me
I'm grateful for everything you do for me
I know it is difficult facing each day
Without me to offer direction or say
A word which would help you to best understand
That I am still here - I'll do all I can

To try to communicate my love for you
My spirit belongs to God and you too ---
Although my mind wanders to where you can't go
I'm ever beside you - I want you to know
How much you have given, the light you have shown
Our lifetime on earth - Together, we've grown

Closer to God, and to each other too
Never consider that I'd forget you!!
Don't follow your intellect, feelings or doubt
Keep on believing that the SPIRIT wins out!!
With feet firmly planted on the ground here below
Believe that you're going wherever I go ---

Though we may part only a short time and then
We'll be united - Together again!!
Not separated by time, rule or space --
But we'll stand before Him, the God of all Grace
And He will present us to Him whom we serve
Despite all appearance, I believe ALL I heard

Nothing has changed on the inside of me ---
Trust in God only, when you cannot see
The way in the wilderness - He will provide
Rivers in the desert - He's by your side
So if I walk with you, underneath the sun
Or above it, remember, WE'LL ALWAYS BE ONE!!

**Written for Moe & Betty Blake


Honey, are you cold today???
Can I do anything to help in any way???
You know I love you - I long to keep you safe
Tucked inside my heart and in my loving embrace ---

Honey, do you need to know
Just how deeply I love you so!!!
In case you haven't figured out
You're my whole world - Without a doubt!!

Honey, should my seasons end
And you remain - Seek out your Friend
For He will comfort and look out for you
And do everything else which I would do!!

Honey, when I cover you upon the bed
I long to cover you with my whole being instead
But since I can no longer carry out my intent
I hope you understand this message sent ---

No matter how our journey leads
We're always ONE - You and Me -
God's love and mine will warm your heart
You'll realize we can never part !!

You'll come to understand my methods, odd
Are sometimes kisses from the heart of God ---
Should I be gone, you'll never be afraid
Or wonder, are you cold today????

Because the warmth of LOVE- brought forth from Him
And mine, will bring you LIFE again -----
Remember, it's not the body which survives
But the SPIRIT of man which is kept alive!!!

I live for YOU, as you do for me ---
It's been a billion years that we
Have loved, have lived our lives as ONE
And honey???
Our journey has only just begun...........

**Written for Moe & Betty Blake


He no longer knows my name
Even though the rest is just the same
This is one thing I cannot deal
With - Holding in the way I feel
My heart aches and breaks apart
Knowing this is just a start ---

Of memories more hidden now
Than seen - And yet, I wonder how
Am I to go on, when he cannot
Remembering what he's forgot ---
Pretending that it's all okay
Please God, show me a better way!!

This one has been my life, you see
With or without his memory ---
My reflection shines out from his eyes
How I pray I help him realize
Just how important he is to me --
That we are ONE, and will always be

Whether he knows me, I'll e'er know him
And so I wait, till memory comes again ...
For love is not bound by anything
It changes not - Is everlasting
And though his eyes look as glass ponds
There's pools of love which lie beyond ---

Rivers of life flow between us both
Yes, I believe there exists hope ---
Somewhere, inside, he knows I'm here
We'll overcome our doubts and fears
Tried and tested, as pure gold
Cannot destroy the love we hold ---

I hold him up, and caress him tight
I trust, with God, we'll be alright
My heart rests totally with this man
I pull him close - I grasp his hands
Regardless of the price I pay ---
I'll live my vows out every day

In sickness and health, I promised to
Always stay close and comfort you ---
My sweet, complete and total heart
I love you so much ----
I long for your touch ---
Behind each end is a brand new start!!!

**Written for Bob & JoAnn Oerline


We've been together most all of our lives
To date, the years number fifty-five ----
Married when young, so we were told
Would bring us blessings when we grew old

This I have seen, as we've shared all our days
We've weathered the storms - Two children we've raised
Bonded together as one long ago
The love between us must surely show!!!

You've been my anchor - I've been your rock
I'm now your memory of things you've forgot ----
But one thing for certain, we're totally one
When we said 'I DO' - A new life, begun ---

A life filled with beauty, heartache at times
Laughter and tears, nickels and dimes ----
Dreams, plans and goals - Most all of them, done
We brought forth a daughter, and also a son -----

So, now at this juncture in life, I can see ---
Though joyous and wondrous, the start of our journey
It's only NOW, that we've walked hand in hand
Been through the fires - learned how to stand

That I find ALL the evidence of a life truly lived
Because of your goodness, and all that you give ---
You gave me your heart, your spirit, your soul
We both realized that God's in control ----

We face towards the future, knowing whatever may be
Nothing will ever separate you from me ----
Eternally destined, from the outset, begun
Divinely ordained, that we two should become 'ONE'

I love you, my sweetheart, and know you love me
Regardless what comes, forever we'll be ---
United in spirit, eternally 'ONE'
For God - in us - a good work, has begun.......

**Dedicated to Al & Misty Kearney


God had a plan for Robert and Fran ---
He matched them up, woman and man
He put them together, to walk side by side
To find comfort in each other - Abide

In one place, with one heart, facing ahead
Knowing the other would always be led
By spiritual guidance - Direction to find
God's perfect will and intention, Divine

Mistakes become steppingstones - Fully atoned
Lessons received and through them, were grown
Wisdom and knowledge which could not be found
Without braving the fires, to attain Higher Ground

So, Robert and Fran, keep walking this road
Listening to God - As His Spirit unfolds
The future before them - Their past, hidden in Him
Fulfilling the promises that He made unto them ---

That He'd never leave them, forsake or ignore
But He'd always be there - He'd open the doors
Of opportunity to them - Blessings from His hand -
All this, He has promised ----
To Robert and Fran........

**Dedicated to Robert & Frances Blackwell


Walking among us, are those you can't see
Angels and spirits of True Diety ---
Somehow I sense them, so close -time to time
Especially on days when life seems unkind

Robert, I know you are wond'ring what's going wrong
Why things don't make sense - just where you belong
I try all the ways and methods I hear
Hoping that something will work for you, dear

I understand, mostly, that things cannot be
The way that they once were, between you and me
Our roles have been changing, a little each day
You need my direction, to show you the way

When you're hurt or angry, confused as to why
All this is happening - Who's that other guy???
It's only the shadows that dance in your mind
If you look more closely - Reality, you'll find

For I am your partner, companion and wife
I've pledged you my love, for the rest of my life
So, Robert, please trust me as I lean on God ---
I'm living and listening to His every word ---

Life here holds its beauty, yet sorrows, oft
We've greater goals waiting - High and aloft
For, down in the valleys, we lift up our eyes ---
Knowing, assured, that He will arise

And throw off our burdens - Crown us instead
With beautiful Glory surrounding our heads
The valleys on earth will give way to His hand
Yes, on top of God's Mountain ----
One day, we will stand.......

**Written for Robert and Frances Blackwell


How often I longed for the touch of her hand
My heart broken, time and time again ----
She and I were together, yet worlds apart
We couldn't seem to connect in heart -----

Years went by, and situations changed
My father was gone - My mother remained
Words failed me as often I tried ---
To somehow maintain familial ties

With one who knew me - But yet, not at all
Only my actions, most when I was small ----
But nothing of value over so many years
This brought me such sadness and bitter tears ---

I asked God to help me, to create a way
For my mother to HEAR what I longed to say ---
When least expected, that prayer came to pass
I'd finally found connection to LOVE which lasts!!

So I take the days as they're given to me
Intent on helping my mother to see
That I'm right beside her, forever I'll stand ---
She only needs reach out ----
I'm just waiting for the touch of her hand........

**Dedicated to Patty Fine and her mother, Clarice


We must go on....Our lives deferred
For years, watching after him or her ---
Now they've moved to Heaven - We still remain
Our loss has certainly become their gain!!

We will not forget their courage and will
Remember them always, with dignity still ---
Despite what this illness brought to their door
We retain what their lives truly stood for ---

When that day arrives to unite once again
I'd wish them to know that I'm proud of them
That whatever was taken - it's lost now, it's gone
But we are still standing - and WE MUST GO ON!!!

2000 Dorothy Womack. All Rights Reserved.