Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- May 2000


Step outside and wait awhile ---
You wouldn't mind - Would you???
Now why on earth would it bother me
If my heart breaks straight in two???

Strangers take my loved one
And lead them far away ---
I'm left to think good thoughts alone
In this empty room, to stay ---

No one stops to think about
How hard this impacts all ---
Only patients are allowed
To walk those hallowed halls

All others wait behind closed doors
Not knowing what the fate
Will be for those who hold their hearts
All they can do is wait ---

Life is hard and touches all
At different times of life - 'Tis true
But nothing slaps as bitterly
When the face belongs to YOU....

Step outside and wait awhile
And while you're there - Take heed
It's not always just the ones
With obvious physical needs

Look around at those who wait
Try looking from inside ---
Crisis befalls all of us
But, rarely, is it tied

To just one soul, to bravely face
Their fears and all their dread --
But those who walk beside
Should be considered too - Instead

Of treating one, as though alone
As most 'care' places do ----
Remember, it's not just the one you see ---
Look behind - There's others in your view .........


She touched the face of God today
He brushed all of her tears away ---
He smiled at her and softly said
Welcome Home - New life's ahead!!

Many wish to comfort you
Show you around and teach you too
All the things you wanted to know
Everywhere you longed to go ----

Nothing now is hidden - Nor
Is anything concealed from your
Vision, reach or confidence
Reach out to God and find Him hence

All your dreams have come to pass
You've reached the Golden Shores at last
Those remaining on earth's side
Will ever in your heart, abide ---

Though separated a short time
That which is yours, is also Mine
Rejoice in knowing pain has flown
Life resurges - Suffering's gone

You see, the Face of God is turned
Towards all who, after His way, yearn
And as you chose to follow Me
One day, as you - My Face, they'll see ....

**Written for Marsha Penington and her mom, 'Babe'


I gave you an orchid to pin on your chest
You cried and told me that this was the best
Mother's Day present that you could receive
Because it spoke of my love and belief

In you, as my mother, my counsel, my friend
It made you feel special and needed - Then
You hugged me and thanked me for being the one
Who graced you with orchids, touched from the sun ---

As I grew older, I created new ways
To show you my love and the pride it conveyed --
But your special moments were hidden in blooms
Of the orchids I gave you - In your heart, they found rooms

To convey to you beauty and precious delight
From your daughter's perceptions - Mirrored in your own eyes -
You realized our love was Eternal, and thus
Not even your death would separate us ---

So, Mom, as you listen and look over me
I'll take greatest comfort in those memories
Of days filled with laughter, when I was a kid ---
And the look on your face ----
When you spied the orchid .............

** Written for Marsha Penington


Please keep me in your prayers
Was the solemn plea I heard ---
Upon my heart, the words hung still
There was weight to every word.....

How hard it is to let those go
When we long for what used to be
Although we realize that nothing
Could ever set them free

Again, to live upon this earth
But only to God, they're bade ---
To walk in freedom once again
With Him, from whom all things were made.....

So yes, I watch and wait with those
Who say goodbye and part
If only for a little while -
Kept closely knit in hearts.......

And prayers ascend to God above
We're promised this, indeed ---
That all is as God promised us
Not one good thing did He leave

Behind when planning for this day
But made a way for those ---
Whom He has singled out to be
WIth Him, on this day, He chose

God speed to those who remain here
On earth, to ponder why ----
Our bodies must disintegrate
To let our spirits fly ............

And knowing not, the reasons for
Those things we must endure ---
We find God's arms wrapped round about
Us, tightly and secure ----

Until at last we recognize
That what has been, must be ---
And when the body's laid to rest
The spirit is NOW free!!

** Dedicated to Marsha's mother, 'Babe'


Just as a little child I had to learn
How to walk without your hands ---
So time has bought this back around
I am learning once again !!

How to walk unaided through this maze
Of twists and turns called life ---
How to function on my own without
Too much fuss or strife ---

How to get to where I am going
And not look back at where I’ve been
Only if I need reminding
Of where I was back then ---

Then slowly resume forward
Motions which will help me find
True beauty in this lifetime
Real hope and peace of mind ---

It’s so hard to keep on walking
Without your hands to guide ---
Because I’m still your little one
Afraid, deep down inside ---

But this is all the process
Of growing up, you see ----
I’m not yet who I will become
I’ll make you proud of me ----

So, without your hands, I’ll falter
And stumble along the way ----
Yet, each day I’ll grow stronger
With Christ to light my way ----

For I hold tight a secret
Down through all Ages, which is:
Without YOUR hands to reach for
I’m always gripping HIS…….


She has brown hair, brown eyes, and soft silky hands
She looks at me with pools of living water in them ---
I know she's an angel, for I've seen them before
But this one is different - She's come to MY door!!

She brings me a message sent straight from above
About God's unerring, unconditional love ---
She reminds me of good things still coming my way
She pauses to see what my responses will say ---

Do I believe her, or do I instead
Go the way always known to me, and follow my head?
Do I trust she's from God and has come in His Name?
Or follow my thoughts rattling round in my brain?

Yes, I say to her - I'll believe all you share
I know you're GOD's ANGEL - You've come for to bear
A message from Heaven, bound specific for me
I'd be a fool to overlook all the

Signs and wonders that come from God's throne
Especially when it is also MY Eternal Home!!
So I make a commitment to watch and believe
Because you're GOD's ANGEL - therefore, I receive

And not knowing why God has chosen this plan
I'll bravely step forward and hold tight to His Hand
For one day, not long off, I'll see in His eyes
That I chose the right way - and then I'll surmise

That all which has happened meant something to Him
Even though I thought it was just on a whim ---
And I'm in His grasp, never fallen or left ----
For HE is my ROCK, and I'm in the CLEFT.........


Life is a circle, twirling round about
Where we start is where we exit out ---
In between, we find our lives are filled
With happiness and sorrows - Even still

We yearn for more within ourselves
To build a better world --
Yet, somehow, never finding how
To accomplish this, occurs

To us, until the very end
As life starts winding down ---
We find that in our living well
We've sought and now have found

That living is its own reward
We leave - Yet we retain -
For all we've seen, or had, or done
Our INFLUENCE remains.....


Tiny little hands, once touching me
Held so much strength and concern for me
My mother's fingers felt so frail
How could I know what would prevail

In my own life when she was gone
No human strength to lean upon ---
Her hands, to me, spoke most intense
I have not felt from others since

She went to God and left behind
My broken heart and fragile mind ---
Her touch brought comfort even when
Her body failed her, once again

Her little hands wrapped round my own
I was her child, although I'm grown
Her hands conveyed this truth to me
That I, her child, would always be ---

Those tiny little hands supplied
Such grace -God's peace was multiplied
For through her touch, I came to see
ThatI was truly loved for me --

Despite the pain I watched her bear
I always knew she was still there
For me, and would forever stand
Loving me---Unconditionally---
Expressed through her TINY LITTLE HANDS......

1999-2000 Dorothy Womack. All Rights Reserved.