Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- March 2001



Time quickly passes - Going faster every day
I remember so many people who have passed along my way
I know some of them are with You - While some may still remain
Here upon earth - Awaiting for their time, with You, to gain

As for me - Well, I walk onward, not knowing where I go
For it has been a long road, full of unsteadiness and woe
Oft, I thought I'd found my footing - only to lose it all again
Just by shifting focus - I must assuredly begin

To take another step - Moving forward, oh so slow
Not seeing where I'm bound - Not knowing where I go
But relying on Your Wisdom - Your Counsel and Advice
I follow in Your Spirit - For HE Alone is Wise......

I miss those people, Lord, who've gone ahead of me
I'm grateful that I met them, and they're now a part of me
But the world is losing precious treasures -
Though You raise them up from the ashes ---
Teach me the truth of gratefulness
Even as my time quickly passes....................

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack


I watched you at my bedside - when you thought I could not see
I thought of our lives together, and how blessed we both had been
To have our children: loving, strong - and each other, all these years
We knew the other's very thoughts, our strengths and even fears ....

I looked upon your face at night - as you lay sleeping there
I remembered how you caught my eye - When we were young and fair
Yet, you're more beautiful in my sight as time has come to pass ---
For we are bound eternally, with cords that ever last ....

You are mine, and I am yours - Nothing will change that truth
Not sickness, suffering, death itself - For even in our youth
God Himself chose each of us to belong to the other one ....
You, for me - and me, for you - That's how God's will gets done

He knew afore what was ahead - That I would, you, proceed ----
Are you aware that I now watch your every thought and deed???
I'm still alive within your heart, your mind and very soul
There is nothing which will ever part us - Death has no control!!

My dearest love, I've never left - although my body's gone....
I am more alive TODAY than THEN - I dwell with God's own Son!!
My only goal remaining is to help your eyes to see ---
I'm with the Lord - There IS a place, prepared for YOU and ME!!

I wait among the angels, dear - For them to give the call
When once again, united, we'll stand before them all --
Together, we will join anew - In front of Christ the King
Until then, be brave, my dear - For it's PEACE to you, I bring.....

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack **Written for Joyce


You think you'll never smile again
Nor ever find a faithful friend --
Whose heart will heal your brokenness
Whose light will dispel your own darkness

But I see further than you do ---
I've prepared someone who needs you too
Your serious side will mirror out
Reflecting what her life's about ---

Her playful side will inspire you
Together, I will cause you two
To join as one - in that which matters
And teach the world ---
That there is LAUGHTER ----
A F T E R ...........

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack **Dedicated to Brenda Race

2001 Dorothy Womack. Reprinted With Permission.