Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- March 2000

'Who are You?'
He looked at me and asked with widened eyes ---
Well, I'm your wife of many years - Don't act as though surprised!!
He studied me again, and said: 'Who are You?' - Don't delay
I do not recognize a thing in all you've had to say....
Do you come here to take my hand and care for me, so dear ---
Or are you around to frighten me and cause my heart to fear?
I looked at him, this man I'd known for almost all my life ---
The man who'd raised two children - Worked hard, and loved his wife.
Within his eyes, I saw the truth - No longer could he hide ---
He really doesn't know me now although I'm by his side!!
I ask for God to strengthen me for all which lies ahead ---
To heal the stabbing pains I feel inside my heart and head.
I'd always thought the cruelest words to one, could ever be said
Were: 'I don't love you anymore' - But I found out instead
The hardest words to ever hear - That break your heart in two...
Are not born out of cruelty.... But innocence –
And ask: 'Who are You?'
1999 Dorothy Womack

Sitting at the Window

Sitting at the window - Looking out at those
Who hurry all directions - Where they go - No one knows.
I used to be just like them - I worked, and laughed, and played
Now, my world is narrowed to just living - Day to day -
Sometimes, I want to just call out 'Hello - Is someone there'
'Do you have but just a moment to show me that you care?'
I'm still alive, although it seems I'm not - But still, I am
A person full of memories and treasures, which no man
Can know about, or even see unless they stop to look
Inside my heart - Beyond the mask that one day overtook
My reasoning and faculties - And left me in this chair ----
Sitting at the window --- Watching the world out there.....
1999 Dorothy Womack