Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- June 2000


I wish someone had told me
Before I reached the place
Where torment ruled over me
And showed all over my face

The secrets of the Ages
That life itself goes on ---
No one who is living NOW
Is ever truly gone ----

We dwell in mortal bodies
Our homes for a short time
But our spirits live forever
There is a very fine line

Between life on earth
And life Eternal ---
We step out of our human forms
And know joy!! SUPERNAL!!

Sometimes we even catch a glimpse
Of what awaits beyond
Our limited grasp and vision --
We see, with new eyes, upon

That which many men have sought
To capture or to hold ---
How glorious it is to watch
As DUST is transformed to GOLD!!

Yes, I wish someone had told me
Without my personal knowing ---
That you really were not DYING
Even though I saw you GOING ---
Instead, you were truly GLOWING...



Sorry to hear about your loss
What a devastating cross ---
To have loved ones disappear
Leaving you, upon earth, here
To figure out just what comes now
Adjusting to this world, somehow...

Without them close - Beside you still
But always found within God's will
You do not walk, or stand alone
God sees you from His Shining Throne

He will lead and guide you along
In the Midnight Hour, grant you a song
Assurance will come - Peace will reign
Because you believe and trust His Name
And those who've gone on ahead of you
Are patiently waiting yet to view

YOU, when you arrive on Golden Shores
To weep and grieve? Nevermore!!
The tears you've shed from their demise
God has wiped them and dried your eyes ---
So you can rejoice and rest in this
God has promised - Eternal Life is His

It's now your own - In Christ, you see
Your loved ones are not memories!!
But living - breathing - immortal souls
They just went sooner than you could go ---
Remember, God is always here --
Not only wiping - But erasing your tears!



Gently blows the wind through the trees
Softly rustling the leaves in the breeze
Remember, God is Spirit and Wind
Sometimes this is how we find Him ---

When our minds are still and our thoughts quiet ---
He comes to us in the middle of the night
On soft whispers and wings of a dove
He imparts His unconditional love ---

To those who are broken, tormented in soul
He offers them pardon and shows His control
O'er all that befalls us - Nought is forgot
He's mindful of everything that is our lot

In this life - He enters where hope has grown dim
He restores our faith, and full trust in Him
So, when you feel down, forsaken and low
Listen for His Spirit in the breezes which blow ---

For often, soft whispers aren't heard in the day
When thoughts and distractions oft get in our way ---
But you can still find Him to meet every need
Whispers are softer when they're borne on the breeze -----



There's a sadness in my face
That I cannot seem to erase ---
I know you're leaving me
And it's very hard, you see ----

I miss those times we shared
When life was newer - There
Were fewer days of woe
And many more of joy ---

We lose a little every day
Of what we hold - we throw away
Each minute passes, only once
Opportunities lost by chance ---

Memories can keep much longer though ---
Spirits live on and life still flows ---
Whatever comes - I stand prepared
For what shall be - I am aware ---

So I kiss your face and say goodbye
My eyes shed tears and my heart cries
No turning back is meant to be ----
You belong to God ----
No longer to me...



Eternity is but one step away
We walk closer to it every day ---
It is a real place, with all we've ever desired
Our hearts are filled with God's knowledge and power ----

We face each day as if we have no sure resting place
But we must realize that we shall behold His face
Eternity is NOW, not for some time to come ---
Each step we take is leading us Home

Our lives exist beyond our bones -
We have to come, an Eternal Home
Where life goes on, cannot be bound
We stand, and move, on Holy Ground!!

2000 Dorothy Womack. All Rights Reserved.