Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- July 2002


Until today, I'd never found
Another soul similar to mine
Someone having sight and sound
But, able still, to shine ---

I'd held my feelings deep within
Not looking close inside
Until today, when suddenly
I had nowhere else to hide

My tears fell freely as my heart
Faced all the tragic fears
Great love burst forth -intensified
For my mother -throughout the years

Her sacrifices mean more to me
As now, I sacrificially give
To make her life as comfortable
For all the days she lives ----

This situation is, at best,
A roller coaster ride
At worst, a brutal nightmare
With nowhere to run or hide

Yet I can see a Light ahead
'You're not alone' - they say
This knowledge sets me free
I can follow in God's ways

His directions sound anew
To hear - to see - to say
My ears are opened
My sight restored
Once blind and deaf - UNTIL TODAY......

(c) 2002 Dorothy Womack **Written for Karen Avret



You have your Momma's tears
That's very plain to see
I see them falling down your face
A special sensitivity

Known only to those close enough
To share revelation truth ---
She had a certain way of thought
Which reflects itself through you

Her spirit briefly captive - Freed
By the power of God's Love
Yours also, bound somewhat by time
Longing for the world above ---

For now, we look through darkened panes
Out the windows of our lives
Sensing, soon, God's servant will descend
And our sorrows, override

Connected yet to lost loves passed
Yet living, throughout the years
I recognize your mother's touch
You have your Momma's tears.....

c) 2002 Dorothy Womack **Written for Brenda Race & Frances Wilmart



Your human life, though tempest torn
Fighting hard the fight - While utterly worn
Sometimes you find that nothing matters
Come what may - Bring on the dancers!!

Giving up, given over to the forces at hand
You close your eyes and hold out your hands
With nowhere to go, but UP, you find
There is a surge of peace - a new state of mind

God has imparted His power and strength unto you
He says ARISE when you thought you were through
Suddenly, transformed, you realize that no man
Can ever take away what lies inside --
Nor pluck you out of God's hands ----

So, hold on to God, raise up your eyes
For God appears - and what a surprise!!
Instead of punishment for the rest of your days
He hugs you tightly and imparts words of praise

For HE sees you as no other ever will
His Love is constant - His attitude, still
Not recording our failures, human mistakes
Focused on our goodness in Him - He takes

Our hands into His, and gazes into our eyes
Until we can finally, completely surmise
That whatever we do, is done unto the Lord
His will and grace, this world cannot afford

Throughout our lifetimes, we negatively
Obsess about thoughts and deeds and how we
Might have changed them, if only we'd tried
Hard enough, long enough - desperately, we've cried

Because discouragement weighs heavily down
We judge ourselves - to the jury, we're bound
Yet, God says again, LOOK UP, ARISE,
For what you fear most is not meant to be!!

I'll bring you forward, to dance before Kings
You'll know the freedom that loving Christ brings
When your life has ended, as only you've known
Find yourself ushered into His world ---
His Heaven --- Your new Home......

c2002 Dorothy Womack **Written for Tim Brennan, 'God's Soldier'