Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- July 2000


I just sorta stood there
While memories of a lifetime
Flooded my soul and overwhelmed my heart…

I just sorta stood there
Knowing it's going to take some time
To take baby steps and make a fresh start…

I just sorta stood there
As time kept revolving round and round
Even though my entire world had completely stopped…

I just sorta stood there
Frozen as in a trance, waiting for movement
Looking for an image that resembled my Mom…

I just sorta stood there
Is this really stumbling through grief?
My, how I long to find sweet relief…

Spiritual life springs forth, this I know
My Mom, specifically had someplace to go!!
But for that second ----- When time stopped and so did the air…
I just sorta stood there…
** Dedicated to Marsha Penington


Don't you wish you could book a ticket
To Heaven as your destination?
Where you could visit all your loved ones
And come back without hesitation!!

AHA!! The answer is so easy to see
When we think in depth on this ---
Were we to go to Heaven
We would NEVER leave God's place!!

All earth's provisions would then pale
Replaced by Glory, Divine ----
For all which God's prepared for us
Is waiting for OUR TIME ......

So, we sojourn along life's way
Wond'ring just what IS up there!!
But I can tell you from my heart
There's NOTHING to compare

To that which God delights to give
All those who believe His Name ----
When we arrive on Golden Shores
We'll be so GLAD that we came!!

This is why we do not have
A round trip ticket there ----
For if we did, we'd never leave
So much to see, and to share ----

Yes, God knew more than even we
When He sent us to earth ----
Once we have finished our roles here
We'll find our truest worth......

If we'll but listen to the wind ---
The stars, the breeze, the moon ---
We'll know His greatest blessings are
Upon us - And we'll see HIM soon!!


As I grow older, I am hesitant to say
In the company of orphans, seems to be my mainstay
We all reach the place where our parents are gone
We're left on the earth, as each one is called Home.

Yes, it gets lonely, to walk in this life
Without them around me - It's often strife
Frustration, confusion, doubt and despair
How I long to find them again, waiting somewhere!!

Yet, in the company of orphans, I find something new
I'm part of a plan, a contingent, a group ----
We all share our problems, our secrets, our joys
We form a new family - not of blood, but of choice!!

In the company of orphans, I learn once again
People can become much more than just friends -----
We share all our trials, speak straight from our hearts
Seems to me I'm surrounded, right from the start

In the company of ANGELS, wearing human attire
We love one another through the lines of a wire ---
Our spirits connect and our hearts intertwine
How grateful I am that God chose to find ---
For me - ANGELS -------
With 'ORPHAN' designs..........

2000 Dorothy Womack. All Rights Reserved.