Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- January 2001


You know, I find it hard some days
To sort out all the many ways
Our lives could go - The twists and turns
To have you here - How my heart yearns

For all the times that passed us by
I wish for them - It makes me cry
Because I realize the truth ---
Old age has overtaken our youth

We've seen, and done, and shared so much
Al - I miss your soft, caressing touch ---
You're standing right in front of me
Yet you're not who you used to be ---

I long to feel your guiding hands
Strong and sure - Just like that man
I married many years ago ---
I love you still, but I miss you so!!!

Yet, through the misty haze appears
A glimpse of you - Yes, you're still here!!
My goodness, what a grand surprise
I see my reflection in your eyes!!

Others cannot comprehend
The magnitude of changes when
Your love of a lifetime seems to disappear
While his body's standing up right here!!

But I believe, within my heart
A love like ours can never part ---
We stand, as trees - tall in the storm
God shelters us and keeps us warm

Whether life reveals in time to us
The reasons why we've journeyed thus
I know that God's given you to me ---
And Al - with you, I'll always be.........

**Written for Al & Misty Kearney


I watch you struggle for the words
To reiterate just what you've heard
Sometimes it seems to be okay
Mostly words just get in the way ---

I know your mind is slowing down
Your thoughts are falling to the ground
But, to the sky, your spirit soars
For you're assured, not presupposed

That God has promised you a Home
Your life is His, and not your own ---
Our time on earth is limited
Eternity, in our hearts, is hid ---

Robert, even though you look at me
And often do not seem to see
The fears I try so hard to hide
I know you know, deep down inside

That life has changed imperceptibly
Between what was and what's yet to be
We wander forth in every day ---
Reading God's Word and pausing to pray

For strength and guidance by His hand
Divine Wisdom imparted - so we'll understand
God's voice alone sounds out to us ---
His will and way - We're obliged to trust ---

We may not see, in our humanness
That God works all things for our best ---
And should life bring us sun or rain
God will turn it all to our gain ---

Together, facing towards the Light
His Peace descends - Our fears take flight
Our lives become His intent, fulfilled
And through the darkness ---
Our light shines brighter....STILL......

**Written for Robert & Fran Blackwell


Hold tight to me - Never let go
If you forget - I'll remember - So
You need not fear, or troubled, be
For you can always count on me ---

Commitment is much more than words
We say - or even what we've heard
It's an attitude within our hearts
Until forever --- We shall not part

What things you lose, inside yourself
I'll do my best to bring you help ---
So you can simply trust instead
I'll keep those vows when we first wed

For you shine brightest in my eyes
My love could never be disguised ---
Bob, should you venture where I can't go
We'll stand united --- For our spirits know

That years of turmoil, sorrow and strife
Are all a part of living life ---
The joy and beauty of every day
Is found again --- In little ways

We, thus, pursue a deeper bond
Than surface ties --- And go beyond
All that we know, or dare to dream
For life itself has its own scheme ---

Bob, you must sense my presence near
I'm by your side - I'm always here
Although you're locked inside your memory
I'll lead you through, in all you do
Reach out your hand ----
Hold tight to me.....................

**Written for Bob & JoAnn Oerline

2000 Dorothy Womack. All Rights Reserved.