Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- February 2001


Lest we forget - On Valentine's
The Lord spoke from His heart unto mine
His Love is extended to everyone
No matter who you are or what you've done

He cares for you - unconditionally
He longs for you to be set free
From all the things that hold you down
So that you can find peace and love abound

When you feel low and think no one cares
Just look inside - for God's in there
Inside your heart, your mind and soul
He created you - entire and whole

So if fractured hearts and wounded souls|
Are part of you - You've lost control
God speaks aloud, to again impart
His Love to you - From His own heart

And should you find your life in ruins
God Himself assures that soon
That which has shattered, crushed and torn
Will all, upon His back, be borne ----

So, Valentine's is a special time
It's more than paper valentines ---
It represents the purity of Spirit
His Undying Love - Lest we forget......

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack


He chose the nails which would hold him fast
Upon that Cross - That appeared the last
People on earth would hear of Him - No more would He
Exist among them - Of His words, they would be free!!

But He chose the path, after thinking upon
God's will for His life, His only begotten Son ---
He feared as a man - But as the Lord, He knew
His journey was to seek and to save whatever few

Would believe on His Name and speak forth His Word
Unto all people dwelling over the ends of this earth!!!
So He chose the nails, which crucified Him ---
For He knew so well, what no one knew then

That HE WOULD ARISE - Nails no more would see
He would resurrect - And we all could go free!!!!
Just as He chose those nails - He chooses today
Each one of us, to lighten the way

Of those who walk behind us, searching for truth
He entrusts us with knowledge, wisdom and youth
To inhabit a body, oft troubled with pain
So that we can bear witness and honor His Name!!!

Yes, I am so glad that He chose the nails
His Love's Everlasting - His Truth never fails!!!
Just as He chose the way for all men to be free ---
I am ever so grateful -----
That He saw potential ----
And that He chose ME !!!!

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack


Fran, my wife of many years
We've truly walked a trail of tears
Oft times, we didn't understand
Yet God extended forth His Hand
To lift us up above the fray
And set us down in such a way

That all which troubled, vexed our souls
God dispelled and took control
Over everything, thrown into our way
He promised, by our side, He would stay

So, Fran - I offer this advice to you
When I am gone - You still hold true
To values formed so long ago
And never forget: I love you so!!

Were it not for God and His saving Hand
I could not have lived out His Plan --
I would not have found a wife so pure
In dedication and faith, so sure ---

I'm settled in my heart and mind
The Love of God extends to mine!!
Rest in this - My precious seed
I'm with the Lord - Obeyed His creed
WATCH - that you seek to be like HIM
And Fran? This is not where we END ---
But where we BEGIN......

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack **Written for Robert & Frances Blackwell


When I was little, your hand I held
To strengthen me on my way ---
When you grew old, my hand you held
Just to get you through the day ----

Holding hands conveyed a trust
Borne from God above ---
The sense of unconditional care
Concern, empathy and love ----

How I miss those times in silence when
We spoke volumes without words ---
The touch of your hand upon mine
Brought safety - and my heart heard

The things your heart could not say aloud
Of all your dreams and goals ----
I will remember always when you held my hand
And when I had YOUR hand to hold........

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack **Written for Mom


Sometimes our lives don't make much sense
We lose our faith and innocence ---
We look around at what we believed
Only to find we've been deceived ---

As far as people go, few and far between
Are those who understand what we really mean
Too many times, we hide ourselves
Behind our masks - High on the shelves

Where no one dares to venture there
We cannot find anyone who cares ----
Then, Light arises in our lives
We find there's one - Who, in HIS eyes,

Our value exceeds that of kings ---
Our worth is in who we are, and not in things
God Himself will calm our fears
Mend our hearts - Wipe away our tears

He knows what brokenness is all about --
When hearts break and are strewn about
Broken hearts are His speciality -----
For His Love heals - and then sets us free

To where we live and love again
All that we've lost - We find in HIM
Yes, hearts which are broken can be made whole
When we acknowledge that He's in control

And wherever life takes us, He holds to our hand
So we walk uprightly, and confidently stand ---
For it's in our brokenness, we find a true friend
God's Love reigns Eternal ....
No matter where we go - He's already been!!!!

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack


We're only here on borrowed time
Each and every single day ---
We have moments to experience
God's beauty on display

We cannot know what lies ahead
But that which remains behind ---
Life's lessons learned are wisely hid
Within our hearts and minds

Surely we grasp the consequence
Of living selfishly ---
For only those who sacrifice
Will, one day - God's Face, see -

The heart hurts most when loved ones cry
Love's a very precious thing ---
God's secrets are thereby revealed
He grants us new songs to sing!!

So, rest assured that life itself
Holds wonders yet untold ---
You'll wake to find those 'rocks' you bore
Have turned into purest gold!!

And every lesson learned through trials
Sorrows, pain and suffering ----
Has brought you wisdom, peace and grace
That which borrowed time must bring ......

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack


Is there any other way to go
In order to arrive???
Something not so brutal
To reach the other side???

This way seems so cruel -
It rips your heart in two
If there was any other way
For loved ones to come to You??

I'm sure there is a reason
Which is hidden from our eyes
If any other way exists
Research would have long surmised

It's such a breaking down
Slowly - of a person to a shell
Any other way would mean
No more - an earthly hell -

While knowing there's no answers
Still - I cannot help but pray -
Oh Lord, please hear and intervene ---
Is there any other way?????

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack


Burn brightly - My shining star
While time is granted unto you
Glow with embers ever stoked
My flames flash forth from you

Your life draws those whose shadows fall
Within the realm of time ---
Create reality for them of ME
Inside their hearts and minds ---

My Fire warms the frozen hearts
Of those who wander far ---
My Light beams forth directing those
Who seek, both near and far,

To know the truth which lies in you
That I AM alive, you see ----
So, be alert to touch their hearts
And tell them each of ME .....

Burn brightly, while your time is here
My shining star, revealed ----
For those who hear and grasp as truth
Will find they're truly healed ---

From inside out - Their lives are changed
You must never take this lightly ---
Because I chose to shine through you
My shining star - BURN BRIGHTLY......

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack


The eyes are the windows of the soul, they say
Who we truly are is always on display
You can tell how a person feels by looking there
But what about the face I wear? ----

I was a laughing, smiling man - Fondly known by all
As someone who could handle life - Get up each time I fall
Yet, now I find all things have changed - My life is upside down
I want to walk, but yet cannot - To smile, and yet I frown!!!

Inside I am still the person you know - although hidden subtlely
Look closer, please, don't look away - Remember, THIS IS ME!!!
I'm frightened by what lies ahead - I cling tightly just to stand
The ones who touch my heart the most, reach out to touch my hand....

For I'm a fighter, known to all - my strength and agility
I cannot seem to fathom everything that has happened to me ---
My life will alter - nevermore - to be what once it was
I walk a different path to God - and in Him, I place my trust

Those who look beyond the face I wear, to what remains within
Will find I'm still the man I was - Yet transformed from my sins
My attitude of gratefulness will be evident, you see ---
Despite my situation - God Himself now dwells in me ........

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack ** Written for Gary Willmart


This situation is really weighing on me ---
I don't know how to cope with all of this, you see
I always counted on myself to get me through the days
I did not ever foresee a time when it would all go away ---

I'm grateful for those who care enough to stay beside
The long, enduring days ahead - no matter what e'er betide
They come to me, with open arms, and open hearts indeed
To comfort -counsel - contribute to meet my every need ---

I want somehow to convey my love and gratefulness to them
For sacrificing of their time and resources, oft slim ---
I've lived my life so long inside myself, till no one knew
How deeply affected I have been by all I say and do ---

I've kept my pain stuffed deep within, to where I could not go
Because my focus rested on my 'living large', you know ---
I did not want to face my fears, acknowledge I'm depressed
Instead I went along my way - and what told on me? My CHEST!!

The remainder of my days will be to live a fuller life
Focus on what's good - avoid all stress and strife
Let my loved ones always know their importance unto me
And that my life is truly changed - For all the world to see

My sins are gone, my heart knows peace - God rises up again
To speak the truth and energize my every part within ---
Without His help, and those who care - amid angels from above
I could not convey the treasure that I have finally found in LOVE...

c) 2001 Dorothy Womack **Written for Gary Willmart


Beep!! Beep!! Move aside, for here I come
I'm already moving fast and far beyond
What I ever knew or hoped life could be
For my eyes are now opened and I clearly see
That what came for harm, has turned for good
Just like the Lord always said that it would ---

My mind may be leaving a little each day
But God is exchanging His strength for the way
So I do not struggle with what has now passed
For Eternity beacons to me - At long last
My problems will be ended, my heart will be free
My spirit will soar beyond what I can see

Beyond all the rainbows, the stars and the sky
Lies beauty once hidden to my mortal eyes ---
I'll sing and I'll dance - forever to be
On this Highway to Heaven - Yes, you and me
Will all one day venture out towards this road
Open and zooming towards Heavenly Shores ---

Where all we thought lost to us will surely be found
As we step in through the Gates and on to the Ground!!
Loved ones are waiting, and longing to see
The minute my spirit is finally free!!!
Everything taken will be lavishly poured
Back into me, over me, granted by the Lord

One second -the Highway to Heaven calls out to me
In the blink of an eye - I am 100% ME!!
The person inside now glitters and shines ---
This Highway has brought me to join the Divine.....
All I ever hoped for, believed in......
Is now MINE!!!!!

2001 Dorothy Womack **Written for Tim Brennan and Peter Smith