Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- December 2000


Deep in the night hour - When all is still and quiet
Let God speak to your heart - that everything is alright
Caught between the morning, the dawning and the day
I ride on wings of Love, beckoning me in the way
To where God is, in Heaven's Land ----
Eternal riches stream forth from His hand....

I dwell among elders, the oldest, the sage
For with God, there is no turning, no shadow or age ---
He beckons me follow, wherever He leads
My spirit willing, His directions to heed ----
For in the night hour, when time seems to cease
Stands the Angel of God, exuding great peace ---

My time is soon coming - In His Presence, to be
Remember this always - I'm forevermore free!!!
And give yourself credit in living His creed
n each little thought, action and deed ---
For He's ever mindful that your heart is with mine
God's Love has bonded us - forever entwined

So all that will pass from you is this shell, worn out
Of my destination, you'll never know doubt ---
For in the night hour, God's Presence you'll find
The beauty of living, and true peace of mind......
I love you, my daughter, for being to me
God's instrument of His grace and mercy ---

Because you were willing to follow His way
I've received abundantly in every day
The richness of being a child of the King
Counting all loss, not knowing anything
But Christ, and Him crucified - for all of my kin ---
Thank you, and bless you in all that you've been
Not just for MY sake ----
But to bring glory to HIM.........

**Dedicated to Chris Wilds


Do not fear or fret about what's yet to be
For, you can always rely on me ---
I'll keep you safe, the best way I can
You are the reason I accepted God's Plan

For both of us - Undaunted by trials
Criticism hidden beneath human smiles ---
You matter more to me than all this world holds
Your love is more precious than silver or gold

God gave me a lifeline to extend unto you
We are connected as one - never two -
What time is given to you, HERE I AM
Nothing can harm you, because I will stand

In the gap, praying always, until you are free
When God calls you Home - and thus, quickens me
True freedom is waiting - Your place is prepared
I'll hold tightly to all which we've shared ---

These lessons learned in caring for you
Will set ME free - along with YOU too -
So, rest in God - Hold tight to His Hand
And in the meantime??
HERE I AM.............

**Dedicated to Chris Wilds



I will face tomorrow - With my head held high
When the day dawns brightly, underneath a blue sky
I'll hold you and kiss you, tell you that I care
You'll tell me you love me, though you know not where

It is that I come from, or even who I am
Yet, you'll feel my comfort when you reach out for my hand
For we are one in spirit, united before God
Whether mentally aware or not - We have trod

Many roads before this one - And more yet to be
Regardless what happens, you can always count on me
Our love is not built on reasons - Right from the start
It's discerned in the spirit and felt with the heart

My beloved, this journey has taken a mighty toll
You dwell in safety - while I struggle in turmoil
One day, your mind will be whole and restored
God will repay us, one hundredfold ---

Things gone forever - I cannot recapture
I long for the day when we both are enraptured
In God's Holy Spirit - His peace, will abide
And, at long last, you'll be by my side

Again, as it once was - except better this time
For I am, assuredly, YOUR one love ----
Just as certainly as YOU will always be mine.......

**Dedicated to Carolyn & Chuck Haynali


From Heaven to Earth - God calls to His own
Fear not whate'er befalls - For there is a Home
Prepared since the foundation of the world began
This is His covenant, between God and man ---

Although life brings sorrows, struggles and trials
Never doubt that God's there all the while ---
His angels encompass about those who pray
Relieving the darkness and lighting the way

For, God's not unmindful to forget even one
If those He has called - Who believe in His Son
He promises sunshine after rain - gain after loss -
His proof evidenced by His Son's gift on the Cross

Yes, God fulfills what He says He will do
His Son is redeemed - And through HIM, so are you!!
Walk onward - Look upward - Believe on His Name
For, regardless what happens - God is ever the same!!

His Presence will keep you, as will His Arm ---
He sends forth His angels to protect you from harm
Should you ever doubt - in HIS eyes - your great worth
Remember this message ----
From Heaven to Earth ..........


'Come near to Me, little one - Don't be afraid
For I'm your Creator - From ME, you were made |
In My Image - Also My Likeness, you see
So all that YOU are is a reflection of ME----'

'Well done, you will hear - When you reach Golden Shores
You've walked in My steps - and opened the door
To those who were wand'ring without a clear path
They've found a new life and been spared any wrath'

'Yes, God sees the intents of the hearts and the soul
He seeks for His children to yield full control
O'er all that arises - Give your burdens to Him
For God's Spirit frees you and keeps you from sin---'

'Recognize that you're granted a short while on earth
Your destination's sure - You're of inestimable worth
God has prepared a Homecoming for you ---
Thus, is His purpose completed in you .......'


What's wrong with me? I do not know
Yet something's happening inside ---
My memory is so mixed up
Where my thoughts and facts reside

Who are these ones that call to me
They say we're next of kin ---
I cannot tell just who they are
What I've done or where I've been

I tell myself to MOVE - to WALK -
To EAT - to DRINK - to SIT - to TALK -
Yet, nothing seems to come of this
Something is seriously amiss ---

I wonder, did I bring this on?
By how I've lived or what I've done?
NO - inside my heart, I still believe
God's still alive and within me ----

Just WHO is playing games with me
And fooling with my mind??
Leave me alone - Let my thoughts be -
Please - Would you be so kind

As to grant to me some evidence
Of who I am, and why ---
Sit down and tell me what to do
Whatever you say - I'll try!!

I don't want to function with
A broken mind - You see ----
Give me the keys out of prison's grip
And tell me please ----
What's wrong with me????


My, how different Christmas seems
Without your presence here ---
I still long to feel your hands
And touch your face, so dear ---

But, time has changed the way it was
And now, it's yet to be ---
So, I go on - With God's new song

The sounds of joy ring in my heart
Despite my loneliness ---
I realize you're with the King
And that He really does know best ---

My loss of you meant gain to Him
The One who reigns Supreme ---
I just wanted to speak out once more
Remind you of how much you mean

To me - Although you've found your rest
And now you wait for me ----
Until we join on Heaven's Shore
To sing God's CHRISTMAS MELODY.......

**Dedicated to Mom and also Momma

2000 Dorothy Womack. All Rights Reserved.