Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- August 2000


As I lay dying, come near to me
Don't run away - Speak peacefully
For I'm bound for places where you cannot go
But never forget that I still love you so!!

I wish I could linger and spend time with you
We'd share precious memories between us two
We'd laugh and rejoice in all that we've known
Marvel at how, in God's grace, we have grown ---

Yet, these final moments, I have you, to share
To lighten my burden, my load and my cares
To strengthen my spirit for what lies ahead ---
Encourage and comfort - to cradle my head

Though I'll not be with you in physical form
Remember I'm living in God's loving arms ---
Beyond all the suffering, sorrow and tears
Lies Glory and beauty - God sees and He hears!!

And even when doubts seem to trouble your mind
God has not left you - You'll not come behind
For I have gone upward, to blazen the way ---
Just keep on believing that you'll see me, someday ---

Don't dwell on those times when you couldn't control
What happened to me - They touched not my soul !!
The life that I lived, has merely changed who I am
You'll recognize me when you see me again ----

Walk on with the knowledge that I'm well and free
Be not moved by what you feel or you see ----
Faith is conceived when the heart hurts the most
I'm still a REAL person - I'm not a ghost!!

Keep up those things which bring you great joy
Focus on that which God's angels employ ----
Goodness, kindness and charity reigns
Because I have gone ---
Their presence remains........


How I miss that special face - the one so filled with God's grace
Illuminating all that came in her view - So now, what do I do?
Tomorrow springs forth without warning or care ---
I wonder will she always be found of me there??

Her presence is comforting, surrounding my heart
So it doesn't break - or my life, fall apart ---
She speaks in soft whispers and often at night
I actually feel her in dawn's early light ----

Often I find myself longing for those days
When life held a future in so many ways ---
Even those times when the day held so much pain
Wistfully, I would even take those days again ----

Losing a parent, whose life has become mine
Is almost impossible to separate times
When I was in my life, and she was in hers
Our lives had become one after so many years ----

Yes, I miss her, in a myriad of ways
I see her in spirit - I hear what she says
That special face I always recognized as my own
Has gone on to Heaven - and I stand alone

Yet, she reminds me on occasion, lest I sway
This is merely TOMORROW, transformed into TODAY
So as my focus becomes more in tune
I find my life blooming instead of in ruins ---
For her special face watches faithfully
O'er me always, forever......TODAY........

***Dedicated to Marsha Penington


Did it never occur to you, little one
When my life on earth was over and done
That I would return to look after YOU
After all that you did and continue to do???

Yes, it's MY time to shine and my turn to care
To look over all, your burdens, to share ---
When you feel alone and almost undone
Remember I'm here, as sure as the sun!!

I'll never be far, where I cannot hear
Your words or your heart calling out in fear
For, as the Lord lives within you, the same goes for me ---
I've only been WAITING FOR MY TURN, to give back ---
For time, and all eternity..........

**Dedicated to Marsha Penington

2000 Dorothy Womack. All Rights Reserved.