Additional Poems by Dorothy Womack -- April 2000


Someone today has reached the end - They can withstand no more
God? Reach down Your Hand and help them stand -
Which they could not do before....

Someone today is filled with grief over what they cannot change
Please let them know whatever comes? Eternity remains....
Someone today is struggling with the place they now must go
Please let them find Your Peace of Mind - How much You love them so!!
Someone today cannot go on without the strength You give
Impart to them, through Jesus Christ, a reason just to live....

Someone today is overwhelmed within themselves, and feels
Nothing good is left for them or for their loved ones, except hell
Upon this earth, to live, until You answer those who pray
SPIRIT, COME - Deliverance arrives for that someone today.....


Sleep with the angels, Dear One ---
When you awaken, God will be there
To take your hand and lead you into
The Land of Promise ..

The angels will greet you and guide you
Along the new pathways you are now
Destined to walk.

Birds will sing - Eternal bells ring
Angels will rise to reveal
Heaven's realities before your very eyes.

And in the morning, when you awaken
You will see God - Face to face -
You shall be like Him, and know Him,
For who He truly is.

Sleep with the angels, Dear One ---
For these angels who carry and bear you
Away to Heaven ---
Are those who will comfort us -
The ones who yet remain .


Flashes of images come back to me
Time most important were those times when we
Grew closer in Spirit - not looking ahead
But lived in today and in all that God had

For us both to do daily - in kindness for Him –
We walked forth together - to sink or to swim –
Each day we grew closer, in Spirit, obeyed
We looked straightforward to a much brighter day

When all would be peaceful - Contentment at last
Although it meant you would be gone in a flash ---
I knew I'd be left with a void in my life
But I wanted you free from all sorrow and strife

Time has moved swiftly since you've gone away
I've changed on the inside most every day ---
I hold to this truth: That wherever GOD is
You're walking with Him - So I don't mind the flashes

For these are reminders of what's passed away
There is no reality to keep me in sway ---
I'm grateful God raised you up from the ashes
And me? Well I'm fine - In those days without flashes...


One Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Two Days...
Your leaving brought changes in so many ways
Inside, I'm no longer the person I was
For most all my life - This is directly because

My life was completely rearranged, totally
In caring for you, I finally found ME ----
I miss quiet times when we would reflect
On our history and the people we'd met

Things we had done - places we'd seen
Wonderful mysteries: hidden, serene
Would one day unfold before my very eyes
As I watched you leaving - There was no surprise

But only the blessing of knowing where you
Were going, and dwelling - Of course, knowing Who
Would keep you forever, safe in His loving arms
So I'd have assurance that you'd not know harm....

Yet, still, all this time has just drifted away
I've not found my bearings, since then till today
Often, in stillness, I remember your ways ----
Even now.....
One Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Two Days.......


'Who are You?' – He looked at me and asked with widened eyes ---
Well, I'm your wife of many years - Don't act as though surprised!!
He studied me again, and said: 'Who are You?' - Don't delay
I do not recognize a thing in all you've had to say....

Do you come here to take my hand and care for me, so dear ---
Or are you around to frighten me and cause my heart to fear?
I looked at him, this man I'd known for almost all my life ---
The man who'd raised two children - Worked hard, and loved his wife.

Within his eyes, I saw the truth - No longer could he hide ---
He really doesn't know me now although I'm by his side!!
I ask for God to strengthen me for all which lies ahead ---
To heal the stabbing pains I feel inside my heart and head.

I'd always thought the cruelest words to one, could ever be said
Were: 'I don't love you anymore' - But I found out instead
The hardest words to ever hear - That break your heart in two...
Are not born out of cruelty.... But innocence –
And ask: 'Who are You?'

1998-1999 Dorothy Womack. All Rights Reserved.