Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- April 2001



Out from the mists of Heaven, they came
Bearing great gifts in Jesus' Name ---
Softly appearing before me, and then
Kneeling to reach forth - Extending their hands

One to touch my head - The other, touching hers
I recognized them both as being our mothers ---
Their hands, unmistakeable -
Their faith, unshakeable -
God had a reason - a purpose - a cure
Sending out healing beams of Light to assure

Morning would dawn and life would go on
Endings would signal a new start had begun ---
Whatever is certain, will certain ever be
Nothing can separate in Eternity ---
Nor upon earth, when we're joined to the Lord
Each of us assured of our true value to God ---

Just as quickly appearing - So quick, they were gone
But always, forever, in our hearts, living on ----
Entering the chambers where God touches men
Out from the mists - Came our mothers again ---

c) 2002 Dorothy Womack **Written for Brenda Race



Somehow, it will be easier
To leave this world - intact
In knowing that my spirit lives
There's no need to look back

For I'll look fondly on your face
As you stand beside the Gate
I'll realize I've made it HOME
Where you promised me - You'd wait

My daughter, please don't ever doubt
My love and pride in you ---
You've given me so many years
I'd not have seen - without you

Intervening in my behalf
To bear MY load - not just your own
And even now, you forge ahead
So, I'll not face death alone ---

A short while, only, till again
We're joined in one accord
Until that day, when I return to you
Whose heart is pure, refined and true

Whom I brought forth - Yet who carries me
Along that winding way ---
Your inner strength has kept me strong
Look for me - I won't be long -
For in confidence, I know ---
You'll be waiting by the Gate .........

c2002 Dorothy Womack **Written for Denise Cooper



My time is nearing, there's no looking back
You're meant to go on - keep on track -
Always remember that it's YOU I love so
And take me with you - wherever you go

I'll be with you always, in spirit and mind
Together, we'll cherish all that we find
Which is beautiful, precious, treasured - And you
Will never be lonely - if you'll take me with you

I'll dwell in the deepest recesses of heart
Where this life is ending - I begin a new start
And life everlasting is mine, pure and true
You'll catch a glimpse - when you take me with you

For you'll ever be in my heart, mind and soul
No one has the power to usurp that control
I retain all my memories of having you with me
So, take me with you - and together, we'll be

Forever, unbroken, unfettered and free
Bound by the love between you and me
I carry our past, as I take you with me ---
You hold our futures - what is yet to be

Moving forward - Towards Eternity
My spirit is watching closely - You see
O'er all that you dream of, wishes come true
Keep me in your heart....
And take me with you......

c)2002 Dorothy Womack **Written for Denise Cooper



Every time I see your face,
So innocent and full of grace
I realize moments spent with you
Are precious and becoming very few

I want to leave you fully loved
Knowing that I dwell Above
With God, who also loves you so
Whose Arms will never, ever let you go

My little ones, you mean so much
Your confidence and gentle touch
Your kisses, hugs and snuggles, dear
Warm my heart and calm my fears

When you are grown, remember this
I'm with you still - So please don't miss
All those things that make life grand
If you're afraid, reach for my hand

For nothing separates us anymore
Love transcends every barrier
And be assured, from the very start
You're my precious treasures.....
Forever, living, in my heart.......

c)2002 Dorothy Womack **Written for Denise Cooper


How do I tell the one who brought me
Into this world, that I'm set to leave??
How do I comfort her, explain what this means
Without hurting, harming and shattering dreams

Mom, how I've tried to take care of you
To help you feel safe and protected too
My love longs to cradle you, as my own child
To act as a buffer from the pains of this world

I am not leaving, by choice of my own
God has called me to return to His Throne
You'll be watched over, and cared for, indeed
My children have promised to now oversee

Your time remaining, although fleeting at best
So your heart will know peace and your mind will know rest
Mom, I'm still beside you - You're never alone
It's only my body, from your sight, that has gone

But my spirit is free and connected to you
I am your child - But you are mine too ---
Somehow, I know that you'll be alright
And I will be waiting - When you enter the Light

A reversal of order, alas, this is true
Yet, what I want most is the best part for YOU
Our bonds are eternal, steadfast and strong
We're a part of each other......
And it's to you, I belong.....

c) 2002 Dorothy Womack **Written for Denise Cooper


Robert & David, my beautiful boys
Do you realize how much of my joy
In this life has come from beholding you two
Being part of your lives, in all that you do???

You've both grown so fast, into men all your own
Taken on the world - With wings, you have flown
Yet not far from the place where my life intersects
With yours - And indeed, I've been blessed

By two, who have shared and not turned away
Who have weathered the storms and kept them at bay
From me, whenever I cried out to you
I know that I can always count on you two .....

My sons, how I love you - You've given me strength
To withstand this cancer and go the full length
And breadth of the treatments - Encouraging me
To follow my instincts and help me to see

My life has held meaning, in both of your eyes
Being your mother - I cannot disguise
The pride that I feel in seeing you two
Grow into great men, in all that you do

And knowing you'll carry the torch on for me
Shining brightly for those around you to see
That Coopers don't give up, get down or quit
We keep on believing - We refuse to sit

Idly by and let others dictate our ways
Decide our futures, or plan out our days
We hold up our heads in quiet dignity
And stand together, eternally.........

c) 2002 Dorothy Womack **Written for Denise Cooper



2002 Dorothy Womack. Reprinted With Permission.