Featured Poems by Dorothy Womack -- April 2000

Remember Me

Remember me when roses bloom
And Spring returns again ---
For I am ever present in your midst
In the dawn and in the wind ---

You mustn't think I've gone away
For good - Instead remember me
The way I was in better days
The way it used to be ----

Remember me as I am now
Alive, at peace, and free ---
There is no place for sorrows past
Is just a lost memory ----

For life derives its' purest joy
In living day to day ---
Follow what I've taught you
And REMEMBER ME, this way .....

2000 Dorothy Womack


One never realizes the good that they do
Until long after the fact, and their efforts are through
They go about their daily lives ---
Not knowing who has read and surmised

That what they are facing has been faced before
One already walked in their shoes - Knows the score
Help is available at every turn ---
Comfort is free and cannot be earned

One lives with blinders and thus, cannot see
The fruit that is brought forth from a mature tree
Others receive bounty from God's open hands
Their hope is renewed, and faith lives again

Yet I am the one who walks in the dark
I cannot quite grasp that I hold the spark
That lights the way brightly for those close behind
The words from my pen bring peace to their minds

So, yes, I am grateful for all that I've seen
In the midnight hour, the places I've been
Where no man could go with me - so I went alone
But Christ was there waiting, to give me a home

Here upon earth, I may claim a small place
I hold deed to Heaven, by His mercy and grace
So even though others find answers through me
'Tis not I, but GOD - It is CHRIST whom you see.....

2000 Dorothy Womack

Paint Me a Picture

Paint me a picture of what Heaven must be
For I’m a mere mortal, and I cannot see
The realms that you dwell in – the places you know
So paint me a picture and help me to grow
Into the knowledge which you now possess –
Impart to me wisdom, counsel and rest ---
Twirling around in the Light of God’s Love
Grant me a glimpse of Heaven above.
Yes, paint me a picture with guiding hands
Of Heavenly Hosts – Waterfalls – Angelic Bands
Majestic mountains – Singing saints –
Places and scenes, which only you could paint!
And I’ll wait for tomorrow to come
When we’ll be united, together, as one
Until then – While we must dwell apart
Just paint me a picture, to hold in my heart!

1996 Dorothy Womack
(This poem was written for my mother’s epitaph. Mom had visited Heaven before
she died, and lived to tell about it. A self-taught artist in her late 60s, Mom was told by a glowing being that she would be painting the landscapes of Heaven when she came Home…)


I watched her as her memory began to fade each day ---
I watched her as her mind itself slipped, piece by piece, away
I watched her frame diminishing, as every organ failed ----
I watched her as her body fought against its last exhale.
I watched so long until there was little left of me –
A broken, shriveled, devastated personality ---
I cried until my tears themselves snuffed out the Light within
I wondered why would God decide to leave ME, without THEM.
I watched her as her slender hands appeared to me one day –
Her gentle eyes looked longingly –
Though no words were found to say ---
I watched her walk and twirl around in the Presence of the King
For a fraction of a moment, I could hear the angels sing !
I watched her as her peaceful grace offset the pain she’d bore
Her countenance shone as the sun – and I believed once more !
I cried until my tears themselves revealed God’s Love within
I understood, and knew, why God took HER to be with HIM ---
Now hope arises in my heart, calm assurance when I pray
As my eyes continue watching ----
I will see them, BOTH, one day….

1996 Dorothy Womack
(My mother actually appeared to me after she died, and turned a music box several times (in front of witnesses). This is a detailed account of what I actually saw – before Mom died – and after!!)