De-Light Side: Spirit of Adventure

by Pauline Sheehan, RN, BS,CDE
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Promote the light side of caregiving by balancing your food, exercise and
responsibilities with a spirit of adventure.  Here are several ways to
explore your light side..

  • Visit a museum that features an artist you don't know.  To enhance the
    adventure, become a  museum benefactor or curator. Or you may choose to look
    at the pictures in an art book or buy their postcards.
  • Join a quilter's group. If you are in to it big time, exhibit your quilt
    at the fair. Or bury under one with your grandchildren and tell stories.
  • Take golf lessons.  For those who are addicted , go to Las Vegas and golf
    instead of gambling. Or you may learn to swear and bend golf clubs.
  • Explore the desert closest to your home. For more adventure, take your
    mule and pan for gold. Or you may buy a cactus for your kitchen table.
  • Climb Mt. Pilchuck. If you need more adventure, outfit yourself at REI
    and climb their rock.  Or you may buy a calendar of the Grand Tetons.
  • Learn to sail. If you need more adventure, compete in a Regatta.   Or you
    may take a cold shower in front of the fan or dig a hole in the water and
    sink money into it.
  • Try skate boarding.  If this is not risky enough, build a ramp.   If it
    seems too risky --  and I hope it does -- try watching it on television or at
    your local school.
  • Try jump roping. "Cinderella dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss her
    fella. How many times did she kiss him? 1,2,3..." Do you remember some more?
    If you want more adventure, bungee jump.  If this seems too far out, jump in
    some leaves.
  • Run off to the fair.  If this isn't exciting enough, be the fair manager.
    If you need even more adventure, be a 4-H leader for sheep, or pigs, or 
    Brahmas. If it's the wrong time of year, run off to the shopping center.

    Whatever is your hang up, there is adventure for you and a challenge to
    explore your light side. Oh, great, we can lighten up!

1998 Pauline Sheehan. All Rights Reserved