Jan Allen

   This series of pages is designed for you to find quick, easy references to specific needs as well as some broader, more philosophical stuff.

   As a program supervisor and counselor, I have experience working closely with family members and their aging loved ones. I value this opportunity to share my knowledge and practical solutions to caregiving's many challenges.

   My hope is that you will find this a place to relax a little, learn a little and laugh a little.

Fondest Regards,
Jan Allen, CSW, MSE

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Though you can not turn around and see....
You are not alone!


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Practical Ideas That Work
+ Activities & Crafts for People with Dementia
+ Coping With Difficult Behaviors
+ Depression and Anxiety After Surgery
+ Safety vs. Independence: A Case Study
+ Helping Loved Ones Grieve
+ Modifying Holiday Traditions
+ Getting a Good Medical Assessment
+ Telling Friends & Families
+ Sexual Issues & Dementia